• Q: My opponent broke one of my shields with Super Explosive Volcanodon, and the broken shield was the shield trigger, Tornado Flame. Can I use Tornado Flame to send Super Explosive Volcanodon to his graveyard?
    • A: Tornado Flame puts a creature with power 4000 or less into the players graveyard. The creature that broke the shield, Super Explosive Volcanodon, still has its power attacker effect active, so its power is 6000. Thus, you can't put it into your opponent's graveyard. However, if your opponent has another Super Explosive Volcanodon in the battle zone, you can send that creature to a players graveyard. After sending that other Super Explosive Volcanodon to your opponents graveyard, the Super Explosive Volcanodon that broke your shield then has its power attacker effect removed and returns to 2000 power.

Super Explosive Volcanodon
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