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Super Deck Zero
(Sūpā Dekki Zero)
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Super Deck Zero is a series of Theme Decks.


They are the first decks in the Super Deck series.

They were based on decks used by characters in the Duel Masters manga that appeared in the CoroCoro Comic.

Each of the printed cards was foil cards in a silver frame, not the usual black border.

Because many powerful cards were printed, the price was slightly higher than the other deck products.

The decks were composed of cards that were based on previously released cards pre-Phoenix Saga.

Many cards that were previously out of print at higher rarities had been printed in these decks.

Various cards in the deck had effects for reducing the cost of high-cost cards or using For No Cost strategies.

Each card has an icon representing the 5th anniversary of the Duel Masters card game.

As all cards in the decks were foil processed, some cards may have appeared warped when opened, so attention should be paid to correct these when playing in an official tournament, so they aren't distinguishable from other cards.

An official tournament event based on these tournaments occurred where the regular Hall of Fame restrictions also applied.

  • The main component of these tournaments was that only 10 cards from the Super Deck Zero decks could be replaced with other cards.

List of Super Deck Zero

These 2 decks were released on July 21, 2007.

These 2 decks were released on November 23, 2007.

This deck was released on January 14, 2008.