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Super Deck Shock
スーパーデッキ・ショック (Sūpā Sekki Shokku)
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Super Deck Shock is a series of Theme Decks.


A series of Super Decks that were released after Super Deck Saga.

Like the Super Decks released before them, they were based on decks used by characters in the Duel Masters manga that appeared in the CoroCoro Comic.

Each card is printed in a Silver Frame. Following DMC-58 Mad Rock Chester, only the creatures in the deck form a complete illustration with the Full Frame Foils of the cards, with the spells being printed normally.

The Custom Foil of a flower-based creature is still being used.

The decks consist of cards that were printed in previously released sets, as well as exclusive cards.

List of Super Deck Shock


  • They include 41 cards in the products, with 1 being a psychic creature, the first theme deck to release more than 40 cards.
  • The Flavor Text of cards returned on this series of Super Decks.
  • As all cards in the decks were foil processed, some cards may have appeared warped when opened, so attention should be paid to correct these when playing in an official tournament, so they aren't distinguishable from other cards.