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Super Deck Saga
スーパーデッキ・サーガ (Sūpā Dekki Sāga)
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Super Deck Saga is a series of Theme Decks.


A series of Super Decks that were released after Super Deck Cross.

Like the Super Decks released before them, they were based on decks used by characters in the Duel Masters Manga that appeared in the CoroCoro Comic.

Except for some exceptions, the printed cards are Full Frame Foil cards. Similar to the Super Deck Cross series (with some exceptions), the card illustrations of each card in the deck can be combined to form a single illustration.

Their Card Frame is a Silver Frame, with a Custom Foil processing on a flower-based form of a creature respective to the deck.

The decks contain of cards from the Booster Packs released recently before them, but with exclusive new cards as well. They also reprinted various out-of-print cards that were difficult to obtain, as well as cards that are in the Hall of Fame.

They each feature various Designer's Combo cards based on the older cards. Cards that allow you to play cards For No Cost are included in each of the deck so cards with flashy abilities may be used with ease.

List of Super Deck Saga


  • An illustrative poster is drawn on the back of the leaflet included in this deck, with each card illustration being a part of it.
  • DMC-56 and DMC-57 have a single artist on every card in the deck.
  • DMC-58 has the illustration only combining the creatures of the deck. The spells are not full frame and are printed in a normal specification and with older artist. This was later reused for Super Deck Shock.
  • As all cards in the decks were foil processed, some cards may have appeared warped when opened, so attention should be paid to correct these when playing in an official tournament, so they aren't distinguishable from other cards.
  • As the watermark representing the civilization is not displayed in the text section of the card frame, it can be difficult to understand the civilization of each card.