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Super Deck
スーパーデッキ (Sūpā Dekki)
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Super Deck is a series of Theme Decks.


They each have their cards reprinted in a silver or metal frame, as well as reprinting many Super Rare or Very Rare cards.

Each deck is based on an anime characters deck at the time of its release. While there are many heavy cost cards, there are various Designer's Combo cards being included to offset this.

Although they are priced higher than the other theme decks, and while they aren't fully competitive metagame decks, they are aimed to be casually competitive for local events directly out of the box.

  • Many of the earlier decks were packaged in a special way. They were released in either a circle, square or other unique shape and packaging.
  • Since all the printed cards are in alternate frames, they are usually sold at a lower price than their normal versions.
  • In the Super Deck Saga and Super Deck Shock, a custom foil was applied. These were given names including, Shiden Foil, Saga Foil, Romanov Foil as well as Nex Wheel and God Foil.
  • Due to their limited production run like other theme decks, they are now out of print. Due to some of these decks being popular or having strong reprints (such as DMC-46 Arcadias Knights), some of these decks sell for a lot more than their initial MSRP.
  • This series of decks was later followed by the Masters Chronicle Deck series, aimed at older players.

List of Super Decks

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Super Deck Cross

Super Deck Saga

Super Deck Shock

Super Deck MAX / OMG Series

Super Victory Deck Series