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Super CS
りゅうCS (Chō CS)
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Super CS is a tournament event.


It is a derivative version of the championship events. It was roughly the size of the Official Grand Prix. It was established for the Kumamoto event held on July 8, 2017

It has held due to the earthquake that occurred in the area previously the year before in 2016. However, there was heavy rain during the week of the tournament and 30% of players didn't participate.

Event List

Each of these events are held in the Hall of Fame regulations.

Event Date: Venue: Sponsorship: Artist: CS Season: Winner Deck: Capacity:
Super CS Kumamoto July 8, 2017 Grand Messe, Kumamoto Next One (Cardbox) Yuukoo009 4th Season Crosis Buster Approximately 1000
Super CS II August 11, 2018 Ishikawa Industrial Exhibition Hall No. 4 Next One (Cardbox) MATSUMOTO EITO 6th Season LWF Dogiragon Buster Approximately 1200
Super CS III August 17, 2019 Yamagata Big Wing Next One (Cardbox) hatapug Approximately 1200