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Sumihito is an artist for the Duel Masters Trading Card Game.

List of cards illustrated by Sumihito

Cards illustrated under the name of "Sumihito".

 ■ Agagem, Spirit Knight
 ■ Aqua Super Emeral
 ■ Bronze Chain Sickle
 ■ Chanting Clineko
 ■ Demomate Eridanus
 ■ Draghurricane Energy
 ■ Fuuma Bariel, Armored Insect
 ■ Fuuma Vines
 ■ Fuuma Webaris
 ■ Grimm Grime, Amazing Artiste
 ■ Izayoi, Raging Crimson Lord
 ■ Magnum, Allshot Puppet
 ■ Munemitsu, Poetic Ronin
 ■ Panaon
 ■ Phantom Lion's Flame
 ■ Raptor Dragoon
 ■ Romunas, Deepsea Firespirit
 ■ Royal Adonis
 ■ Skysword, the Savage Vizier


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