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On April 8, 2022, this term was officially removed from the General Game Rules.
This page will be kept for archival purposes.

サブタイプ (Sabutaipu)
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Subtype is a gameplay characteristic.


It is generally written in a smaller font under the Card Name. Those without notation, are cards without a subtype.

If a creature has a subtype, it is known as a race. Besides creatures, spells and cross gear may also have a subtype.

  • For example, spells have Knight and Cross Gear have the Samurai subtype.

As a rule, a creature always has a race. However each of the other card types such as castle, weapon, fortress or cell have never had a subtype printed on them.

Previously when a subtype was listed under the card name of a spell or cross gear, it was also known as a race, but in the Duel Masters General Game Rules released in July 2015, it was noted that it is only a race when listed on a creature, and is otherwise a subtype.

Nevertheless, the effect text of Universe Lapia seems to ignore this, by giving the "Phoenix race" to each of your cards in your mana zone, deck, graveyard and in the battle zone. There are no cards that explicitly mention "subtype" in their text.

After a April 8, 2022 rules revision, 'subtype' was abolished as a game term. All card types now treat the former subtype as a Race. Due to this, certain rulings regarding effects that may trigger were changed.


From the Duel Masters - General Game Rules: Version 1.28 (April 8, 2022)

  • 203. Race
    • 203.1. Race is a characteristic of cards. It is usually printed just under the card name.
    • 203.2. Some effect refers to races or partial parts of them. I that case, it includes each race that includes that specific part.

      Example: Specifying "Dragon" for a card effect refers to all creatures that have "Dragon" in the race.

    • 203.3. Races may be added by an effect.
    • 203.4. When choosing a race, you can't choose a race that doesn't exist on a card.

      Example: "Dragon" or "Cyber" is a race that doesn't exist by itself, so they can't be chosen.

From the Duel Masters - General Game Rules: Version 1.28 (April 8, 2022)

  • 203. 種族
    • 203.1. 種族はカードの持つ特性です。通常カード名のすぐ下に印刷されています。
    • 203.2. いくつかの効果は、種族またはその一部を参照します。その場合、指定された名称を種族に含むもの全てを参照します。::例:「ドラゴン」を指定する効果は、種族に「ドラゴン」を含むカードをすべて参照します。
    • 203.3. 効果によって種族が追加されることがあります。
    • 203.4. 効果で種族を選ぶ場合、種族の一部分や存在しない種族を選ぶことはできません。::例:「ドラゴン」や「サイバー」は単体で存在しない種族であり、選ぶことはできません。