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中止 (Chūshi)
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Stop refers to the break of a process.


In card text, it is usually seen in the 2 ways.

Stopping Attacks

6 Miracle Rumba
Light Light.png WaterWater.png Darkness Darkness.png Fire Fire.png Nature Nature.png / Creature
World Bird

(This creature is put into your mana zone tapped.)

■ Double breaker

■ Whenever one of your opponent's creatures attacks you, your opponent may tap a number of cards in their mana zone equal to the number of civilizations not in their mana zone. If he doesn't, stop the attack.

When the "stop attack" effect resolves, the rest of the attack procedures are skipped and the attack immediately ends.

  • If the effect to stop an attack resolves at the star of an attack, no subsequent block or shields breaks will occur. This will also skip any abilities that trigger "when this creature isn't blocked".

However, as the attack was still declared, any abilities that trigger "whenever this creature attacks" or "after the attack" will still trigger.

Unlike granting "blocker", this effect can also prevent you from being attacked with Diamond State as it doesn't affect your opponents creatures, as well as creatures that can't be blocked.

There are few creatures with this ability.

Cards that stop attacking

Stopping Gahinko Judge

7 Kaiser "Win", Matchless Oni
Fire Fire.png / Creature
Red Command Dragon + Hunter + Alien

■ Whenever this creature attacks, you and your opponent play Gachinko Judge until you lose or stop yourself. For each time you win, this creature gets +6000 power this turn and breaks an additional shield, and your opponent chooses one of their creatures that has "blocker" and destroys it.

(Gachinko Judge: Each player reveals the top card of their deck and then puts it on the bottom of their deck. If your revealed card costs the same as or greater than your opponent's revealed card, you win.)

■ Double breaker (This creature breaks 2 shields.)

If you continue to use Gachinko Judge without stopping yourself, you could deck-out yourself and lose the game. If your opponent had only cards with lower cost than yours, you would be forced to continue and run out of cards in your deck.

  • However, each of the cards that play Gachinko Judge allow you stop playing additional games after each win.


  • In the English game, "stop" is also used in the reminder text for the Blocker ability, also in order to stop an attack.