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Static Ability
常在型能力じょうざいがたのうりょく (Jōzai-gata Nōryoku)
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Static Abilities are abilities that provide a Continuous Effect for a fixed period of time.


These abilities while the cards exist in the battle or shield zone.

4 Nariel, the Oracle
Light Light.png / Creature
Light Bringer

■ Creatures that have power 3000 or more can't attack. (Creatures that have power less than 3000 and get extra power while attacking can still attack.)

3 Rose Castle
Darkness Darkness.png / Castle

■ Castle—Choose one of your shields and attach this card to fortify that shield. When the fortified shield leaves the shield zone, put this card into your graveyard. (Use "Shield Trigger" abilities before putting this card into your graveyard.)

■ Each of your opponent's creatures in the battle zone gets -1000 power. (A creature that has power 0 or less is destroyed.)

The static ability was written as "While you ~". However, since the Holy Fist Saga, this text was omitted.

These effects are active while the card is in the battle zone. This includes cards such as Immortal Blade that give "slayer", Funk, Guard of Hope or Rose Castle that Decrease Power of your opponents creatures, and Nariel, the Oracle that can prevent attacks.

Rules of Static Ability

  • 1) The static ability occurs before any Trigger Ability.

Regardless of whether you are the active player or not, the static ability of a card will be active before a trigger ability can resolve.

Example) While your opponent has a tapped Quixotic Hero Swine Snout in the battle zone, and you put a Bangren, Ancient Arhat into the battle zone, the static ability of Decrease Power is applied first before the trigger ability of Quixotic Hero Swine Snout and it is destroyed before it increases its power.

  • 2) A static ability generates an immediate effect.

Example) When your opponent has a fortified Rose Castle in his shields, if you put a Bronze-Arm Tribe into the battle zone, its power is instantly decreased to 0, and it's destroyed. Then, afterwards you can resolve the trigger ability.

If you control a Saint Castle and put a creature that didn't originally have the "blocker" keyword into the battle, you would be able to draw a card with Lord Reis, Wisdom Elemental. This is basic Saint Castle is a static ability that gives your creatures the blocker ability the moment the creature is put into the battle zone.

  • 3) The ability is lost when the creature leaves the battle zone.

Example) The Turbo Rush effect of Magmadragon Jagalzor that grants "speed attacker" is a static ability. Therefore when Jagalzor leaves the battle zone, no other creatures have speed attacker. The same applies to Totto Pipicchi.

The effect of Wiz, White Knight Enlightener and Codename Orewaleo is lost when they leave the battle zone. However, the trigger ability of Diamond Aven, Awakening Elemental remains until the specified period.


While an important rule, it's not listed in the official rule book, only mentioned in the FAQ section for a few cards on the Duel Masters Official Homepage.

Come Into Play and Put Into Graveyard abilities are trigger abilities, not static abilities. These only produce an effect after they resolve.

Cards such as Mist Rias, Sonic Guardian (Whenever another creature is put into the battle zone, you may draw a card.) and Super Trash Train, Fuuma Devil (Whenever another creature is destroyed, you may draw a card.) are trigger abilities. Whereas a card such as Megaria, Empress of Dread (Each creature in the battle zone has "slayer.") is a static ability. This can be easily identified by the lack of the "When" or "Whenever" in the card text.

Cross Gear have an ability that can occur when they are crossed, and sometimes as well when they are not crossed. These abilities are treated as a static ability as they can influence other cards just by being present in the battle zone.

Sometimes static abilities create a substitution effect.

  • The ability of "When you do A, do B instead" of Perfect Galaxy, Immortality Elemental appears to be a trigger ability at first glance, but it creates a static ability of a substitution effect, only with an omitted duration.
  • The ability to "When you do A, do B" is a trigger ability (see Aqua Hulcus). However if after performing "A" that a different situation occurs, then it is a substitution effect.

Power Attacker is also a static ability. If you attack with Honoo, the Brave Blow when your opponent has Bangren, Ancient Arhat in the battle zone, Honoo is not destroyed immediately and is only destroyed at the end of the attack when the power attackers effect ends.

Power is calculated with "Plus" and "Minus" and is then multiplied at the end. Therefore, if you attack with a Bronze-Arm Tribe while your opponent has Bangren, Ancient Arhat in the battle zone, Bronze-Arm Tribe's power would be calculated as ( [1000-1000] x2 = 0 ).

Even if a creature that had added "Speed attacker" was removed by one of your opponent's creatures with Ninja Strike during the attack, the attack will continue. A creature having summoning sickness should be treated as the declaration of attacks being impossible, not carrying out the remainder of them.

Effects and Abilities




From the Duel Masters - General Game Rules: Version 1.28 (April 8, 2022)

  • 604. Static Ability
    • 604.1. Static abilities do something all the time rather than being activated or triggered.
    • 604.2. Static abilities create continuous effects, some of which are substitution effects. These effects are active as long as the card with the ability remains in the appropriate zone and has the ability.
    • 604.3. Some static abilities apply while a card is in any zone that you could use it from (usually your hand). Such abilities could change the mana cost of the card, and so on.
    • 604.4 Some static abilities are able to produce a one shot effect. If these abilities meet the conditions for producing an effect, apply the effect before resolving the other abilities. Also, if its generated during the process of resolving an effect, it interupts the process and applies the effect. If the conditions for producing a oneshot effect with a static ability are still met after applying the effect, apply the effect again.

      Example: The "you lose the game effect" of 'Dokindam X, The Legendary Forbidden', or the "Return to your hand" effect of Star Max Evolution Creatures.

      • 604.4a If a static ability produces a oneshot effect and there is a continous effect, apply the oneshot effect after applying the continous effects.
      • 604.4b If there are a multiple oneshot effects generated by a static ability, the resolution depends on which players card is the source. If a players card produces multiple oneshot effects, that player must apply the one shot effects in any order. If multiple players cards generate a oneshot effect, apply the active player's effects first.

From the Duel Masters - General Game Rules: Version 1.28 (April 8, 2022)

  • 604. 常在型能力の扱い
    • 604.1. 常在型能力は, 起動したり誘発したりするのではなく, 常に何かをし続けます.
    • 604.2. 常在型能力は, 継続的効果を発生します.その中の一部は置換効果であり得ます.これらの効果は, 常在型能力を持つカードが特定のゾーンにあってその能力を持っている間持続します.
    • 604.3. 常在型能力には、カードが使用できるゾーン(通常は手札)にある間に適用されるものが存在します。これには、カードのマナコストを変更する能力などが含まれます。
    • 604.4 一部の常在型能力は、例外的に単発的効果を生成します。これらの能力が効果を生成する条件を満たした場合、他の能力を解決する前にその効果を適用します。また、効果を処理する途中で生成された場合は、その処理に割り込んで効果を適用します。効果を適用した後に常在型能力による単発的効果を生成する条件がまだ満たされている場合、改めてその効果を適用します。::例: 伝説の禁断 ドキンダムXの敗北効果、S-MAX進化の手札に戻す効果
      • 604.4a 常在型能力が単発的効果を生成した際に、継続的効果がある場合、継続的効果をすべて適用した後でその単発的効果を適用します。:::604.4b常在型能力により生成された単発的効果が複数ある場合、その発生源がどのプレイヤーのカードかによって処理が変わります。1人のプレイヤーのカードが複数の単発的効果を生成している場合、そのプレイヤーは単発的効果を好きな順番で適用します。複数のプレイヤーのカードが単発的効果を生成している場合、ターン・プレイヤーの効果から先に適用します。