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State-Based Action
状況起因処理 (Jōkyō Kiin Shori)
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State-based actions are game actions that occur when certain conditions arise in the game.


State-based actions are a form of rule processing that occur due to the inherent game rules rather than card abilities or effects.

These can include victory and loss conditions, creatures being destroyed, and how special card types such as Draghearts and Psychics or the God race is handled.

If any of those conditions are met, the necessary actions are carried out simultaneously as a single event. Then, any triggered abilities go on the stack and the check is repeated.

State-based actions should not be confused with triggered abilities.


From the Duel Masters - General Game Rules: Version 1.28 (April 8, 2022)

  • 703. State-Based Action
    • 703.1. State-based actions are game actions that happen automatically whenever certain conditions are met. It isn't possible to handle other effects until the state-based actions have been dealt with.
      • 703.1a Abilities that wait for a specific condition are trigger abilities, not state-based actions.
    • 703.2. State-based actions are checked throughout the game and aren't controlled by any player.
    • 703.3. The game always checks for any of the listed conditions for state-based actions, then performs all applicable state-based actions::simultaneously as a single event. If any state-based actions are performed as a result of a check, the check is repeated.
    • 703.4. The state-based actions are as follows:
      • 703.4a If a player was directly attacked while they had no shields and the attack wasn't redirected, that player loses the game.
      • 703.4b If a player has no cards left in their deck, that player loses the game.
      • 703.4c A creature that has power 0 or less is destroyed.
      • 703.4d A creature that lost in a battle is destroyed as a result of the battle.
      • 703.4e When the information of the linked God becomes inappropriate, the link goes away.
      • 703.4f When God leaves the battle zone, only one of them leaves the battle zone.
      • 703.4g Psychic Creatures and Draghearts put in zones other than the battle zone are put into the hyperspatial zone.
      • 703.4h A Psychic or Dragheart cell by itself in the battle zone is returned to the hyperspatial zone.
      • 703.4i When the top card of an Evolution Creature leaves the battle zone, the cards underneath it are reconstructed.
      • 703.4j Cards in the battle zone that don't have a proper card type are put in the graveyard.
      • 703.4k When a Command is put into the battle zone, the owner of that Command puts a seal that has the same civilization as that Command from the sealed card into their graveyard.
      • 703.4l A Weapon by itself in the battle zone is returned to the Hyperspatial Zone.
      • 703.4m When a fortified shield leaves the shield zone, the castle is put into its owner's graveyard. If the [Shield Trigger] ability of that shield is used, it is put in the graveyard immediately after use.
      • 703.4n When another D2 Field is put into the battle zone, the D2 Field that was previously in the battle zone is put into it's owner's graveyard.

From the Duel Masters - General Game Rules: Version 1.28 (April 8, 2022)

  • 703. 状況起因処理
    • 703.1. 状況起因処理は, 状況によって自動的に発生するゲームの処理です.状況起因処理より前にその他の効果を処理することはできません.
      • 703.1a ある特定の条件を待っている能力は誘発型能力であり, 状況起因処理ではありません.
    • 703.2. 状況起因処理はゲームがチェックする処理の事で, どのプレイヤーのものでもありません.
    • 703.3. ゲームは状況起因処理の発生する条件のどれかが満たされていないか常に確認し, 該当するものがあればそのすべての状況起因処理を同時に, 単一のイベントとして処理します.状況起因処理がチェックの結果として発生した場合, 処理後に再びチェックが繰り返されます.
    • 703.4. 状況起因処理には, 以下の物があります.
      • 703.4a シールドがない状態でダイレクトアタックを受け, ブロックできなかったプレイヤーはゲームに敗北する.
      • 703.4b 山札が 0 枚になったプレイヤーは, ゲームに敗北する.
      • 703.4c パワーが 0 以下のクリーチャーは破壊される.
      • 703.4d バトルに負けたクリーチャーは, バトルの結果として破壊される.
      • 703.4e リンクしたゴッドの情報が不適正になった時, そのリンクは外れる.
      • 703.4f ゴッドがバトルゾーンを離れる場合, そのうちの 1 枚のみがバトルゾーンを離れる.
      • 703.4g バトルゾーン以外のゾーンに置かれたサイキック・クリーチャーは, 超次元ゾーンに戻る.
      • 703.4h バトルゾーンにあるサイキック・セルは, 超次元ゾーンに戻る.
      • 703.4i 進化クリーチャーの上にあるカードのみがバトルゾーンを離れるとき, 下にあるカードが再構築される.
      • 703.4j バトルゾーンにある適正なタイプを持たない表向きのカードは墓地に置かれる.
      • 703.4k コマンドがバトルゾーンに出た時, そのコマンドの持ち主はそのコマンドと同じ文明を持つ封印の置かれているカードから, 封印をひとつ墓地に置く.