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モヤシ (Moyashi)
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Sprout is a Destruction Replacement effect that returns a creature to its owners hand instead of being destroyed.


It is mostly seen in the Water Civilization, but is also seen in the Light or Darkness civilizations.

3 Aqua Soldier
WaterWater.png / Creature
Liquid People

■ When this creature would be destroyed, return it to your hand instead.

4 Chilias, the Oracle
Light Light.png / Creature
Light Bringer

■ When this creature would be destroyed, put it into your hand instead.

4 Gigastand
Darkness Darkness.png / Creature

■ When this creature would be put into your graveyard from the battle zone, you may return it to your hand instead. If you do, discard a card from your hand.

It was first represented by Aqua Soldier.

Even if they attacked and destroyed, you can continually return to your hand instead of being destroyed.

In addition, while is resistant to removal, it is weak against Card Discard and other removal that puts it into other zones such as Miraculous Snare.

Some creatures with this ability have others such as Blocker and Shield Trigger; Aqua Skydiver, or on Jasper, the Stubborn used in Jack Valdy beatdown.


When an evolution evolution is destroyed, the remainder of the stack of cards is also put into the graveyard. Therefore, when a removal card such as Pouch Shell or Hero Mystery, Burning Galaxy only removes the top card of an evolution creatures, the sprout ability doesn't trigger. The evolution source remains in the battle zone and the evolution creatures are put into the graveyard.


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