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呪文じゅもん (Jumon)
The card type of Spell shown under the card image.
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Spell is a card type.


This card type was introduced in DM-01.

They are a card type that is cast, have their abilities resolve and are then put into your graveyard immediately afterward.

After your mana charge step, you can play as many spells from your hand as your mana zone can afford, before your attack step. If you can't do everything that a spell instructs you to do, perform as much of the card effect as you can. If you can't perform anything the spell says, then the card simply goes into your graveyard.

Some spells have the ​Shield Trigger Shield Trigger keyword. If these spells are broken and added to your hand while in the shield zone, you can reveal that broken shield card to cast it as a spell for no cost.


(These cards are an example of Spell cards from DM-01 Base Set / DM-01 Base Set (OCG).)


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  • Q) Can I cast a spell (such as Volcano Charger) but only use part of the effect?
    • A) As with most effects, you use as much of the card's effect as possible. With Volcano Charger, you are able to cast the spell even if your opponent has no creatures (or only creatures that have over 2000 power). However, all effect text is mandatory unless it uses "You may" in the text.


From the Duel Masters - General Game Rules: Version 1.28 (April 8, 2022)

  • 302. Spell
    • 302.1. The active player can cast a spells from their hand during their main step.
    • 302.2. When a spell is cast, the effect is resolved in the order of the written text from top to bottom, then the spell is put into its owners graveyard.
    • 302.3. Spells can't be put into the battle zone.

From the Duel Masters - General Game Rules: Version 1.28 (April 8, 2022)

  • 302. 呪文
    • 302.1. ターン・プレイヤーは, 自分のメインステップに呪文を手札から唱えることができます.
    • 302.2 呪文が唱えられたら, ルール文章に書かれている処理を書かれている順番に行い, その後で墓地に置かれます.
    • 302.3. 呪文がバトルゾーンに出ることはありません.