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Special Super Rare
(Supesharu Sūpā Rea)
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Special Super Rare is a rarity above Super Rare.


It is only featured on cards in DMC-67 Dramatic Wars: Fire and Dragon and DMC-68 Dramatic Wars: Angel and Demon.

Psychic Creatures usually only have one side that receives a foil processing (the one with the higher cost), but cards with the Special Super Rare rarity are foil processed on both sides and it can be seen before awakening.

It is sometimes abbreviated as "SSR". On the packaging, it was known as a "Double Sided Foil".

Due to its nature of being applied on double sided cards, it is limited to cards that involve the Hyperspatial Zone.

Other cards that have a foil process on both sides are

It was later used on Victory cards in DMR-04 (Gaial Kaiser, the Victorious) and Victory Draghearts.

List of Special Super Rare cards