Special Race
特殊種族 (Tokushu Shuzoku)
Japanese Wiki: 6236

Special Race is a slang term given to various races with unique attributes.


This includes;

  1. Races often paired with other races.
  2. Races in multiple civilizations. (Hybrid Race omitted.)
  3. Races that are only on colorless cards.
  4. Races with only evolution creatures.
  5. Races with only a few creatures. (Less than 5-10)
  6. Groups of Races. (Races that other races gain support from)

Paired Races

Multiple Civilization Races

Cards not in their usual civilizations:

Race: Creature:
Liquid PeopleAqua Holy
Cyber LordGaga Pikarian
DreammateHero Beckham Z
Demon CommandCodefight Agatha Hercule
HumanDASH Leader Greg
HumanDuel Hero Atsuto
HumanJooni Moririya
DreammateDevil Beckham XXX
DragonoidZabi Claw, Dark Warrior
Angel CommandCodenight June Bride
GuardianHonenbe, Skeletal Guardian
Guerrilla CommandDead Guerrilla, S-Rank Zombie
Magic CommandDead Dollar, S-Rank Zombie
Sonic CommandDeadzone, S-Rank Zombie
Wild VeggiesOutlaw Pepper
Living DeadDeis Rigel, Persistent Flame
Gaia CommandKamishimosabaki, Earth's Fierce Explosion
Dark LordMad Romanov, the Wicked God
Death PuppetKodamanma, Gil Gil Puppet
GuardianEbard Zenom, Tree Pulse Guardian
Arc SeraphimNirvana, Spirit Knight Right God
Armored DragonTruename Bolmeteus Zero Dragon
Angel CommandLionel Finale, Zenith of "Lion"
GuardianUtopia Ever, Zenith of "Destruction"
Grand DevilLibertines, Fuuma Left God
Cyber CommandTruename Cyber O Holy
GiantTruename Megapounder Mack
Snow FaeriePearljam, Faerie Left God
Dark LordNew Order, Demonic Eye Right God
Demon CommandCodefight Zekia Ex Makina
Zombie DragonTruename Hadesgil Skill
Beast FolkTruename Platinum Arm Tribe
HumanTruename Shuramaru
Flame CommandStrokes, Explosive Right God
Mecha Del SolTruename Rihanna Glory
Liquid PeopleTruename Academian
Red Command DragonBattle the Climax, Zenith of "Victory"

Colorless Races

Evolution-only Races

Rare Races

Race: Amount:
Beast Command 2
Blue Command Dragon 1
Children 2
Creator 4
Curry Bread 6
Devil Command Dragon 1
Gao Monster 1
Green Command Dragon 1
Hero 6
Idol 1
Magical Monster 1
Metal Command Dragon 2
Naga 1
Outrage Nyanko 1
Outrage OMG 1
Outrage Wanko 1
Pegasus 1
Pianist 2
Shining Command Dragon 1
Soul Command 1
Starnoid 1
Sumo Wrestler Command 1
Sumo Wrestler Command Dragon 1
World Bird 3
White Command Dragon 1
World Command 3
World Dragon 2
World Idol 1

Groups of Races

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