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Special Race
とくしゅしゅぞく (Tokushu Shuzoku)
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Special Race is a slang term given to various races with unique attributes.


This includes;

  • 1) Races often paired with other races.
  • 2) Races in multiple civilizations. (Hybrid Race omitted.)
    • 2a) Races that exist in all civilizations.
    • 2b) Races with only multicolored creatures.
      • Only exists on 5-civilization creatures.
  • 3) Races without a civilization (only on colorless cards).
  • 4) Races only in certain categories. (Evolution/Spell/Orega Aura)
  • 6) Races with only a few creatures. (Less than 4, sometimes known as a "Rare Race"))
  • 7) Race Categories. (A category that groups together multiple races.)

Paired Races

Multiple Civilization Races

(Excluding Hybrid Races.)

Races that are only on multicolored creatures with various civilizations

Races that only exist on multicolored creatures with specific civilizations
(Excluding 5-civilization races.)

Cards not in their usual civilizations:

Light Light.png

Race: Creature:
Liquid People Aqua Holy, etc.
Cyber Lord Gaga Pikarian
Dreammate Hero Beckham Z
Demon Command Codefight Agatha Hercule, etc.
Human DASH Leader Greg

Water Water.png

Race: Creature:
Human Atsuto, Duel Hero Strategist (and Darkness)
Sonic Command Wild Speed, D2W, etc.
Magic Tool Zogjigs, Bandaspel, etc.
Dolszak 卍 Gi Lugirin 卍 / Bangoku Brain, etc.

Darkness Darkness.png

Race: Creature:
Human Jooni Moririya, etc.
Dreammate Devil Beckham XXX
Dragonoid Zabi Claw, Dark Warrior
Angel Command Codenight June Bride, etc.
Guardian Honenbe, Skeletal Guardian, etc.
Guerrilla Command Dead Guerrilla, S-Rank Zombie, etc.
Magic Command Dead Dollar, S-Rank Zombie, etc.
Sonic Command Deadzone, S-Rank Zombie, etc.

Fire Fire.png

Race: Creature:
Wild Veggies Outlaw Pepper
Gaia Command Kamishimosabaki, Earth's Fierce Explosion
Dark Lord Mad Romanov, the Wicked God
Death Puppet Kodamanma, Gil Gil Doll, etc.
Cosmo Walker Cu Rrypan, Intense Heat
Guardian Ebard Zenom, Tree Pulse Guardian

Nature Nature.png

Race: Creature:
Human Shinbo, Great Writer
Guardian Ebard Zenom, Tree Pulse Guardian
Sonic Command The Verde, Rainbow Sonic, Aion Yupitel, Tree Kingdom Guardian


Race: Creature:
Arc Seraphim Nirvana, Spirit Knight Right God
Armored Dragon Truename Bolmeteus Zero Dragon
Angel Command Lionel Finale, Zenith of "Lion", etc.
Guardian Utopia Ever, Zenith of "Destruction", etc.
Grand Devil Libertines, Fuuma Left God
Cyber Command Truename Cyber O Holy
Giant Truename Megapounder Mack
Snow Faerie Pearljam, Faerie Left God
Dark Lord New Order, Demonic Eye Right God
Demon Command Codefight Zekia Ex Makina, etc.
Zombie Dragon Truename Hadesgil Skill, etc.
Beast Folk Truename Platinum Arm Tribe
Human Truename Shuramaru
Flame Command Strokes, Explosive Right God
Mecha Del Sol Truename Rihanna Glory, etc.
Liquid People Truename Academian
Red Command Dragon Battle the Climax, Zenith of "Victory", etc.
Metallica DG ~The Thing Made By Man~, etc.

Colorless Races

However, while Jokers, Oraclion and Zenith have some creatures with a civilization, they are mostly colorless.

Races only on certain card types

Evolution Creatures

Phoenix has appeared as a race on a spell; Phoenix Life.


Orega Aura

Rare Races

These races have 3 or less cards. Races that only exist as a subtype in spells are surrounded by ( and ).

Race: Amount:
Outrage Dragon 2
Outrage Wanko 2
Outrage Nyanko 2
Outrage OMG 1
Elder Dragon 1
Eldrazi 1
Guardian Command Dragon 1
Gao Monster 1
Forbidden Sonic Command 3
Gang 3
Gransect Hazard 1
Green Command Dragon 3
Goblin 1
Shining Command Dragon 2
(Special Climax)
(Special Thanks)
Pegasus 2
Soul Command 1
Devil Command Dragon 1
Naga 3
Narrator 1
Pianist 2
Beast Command 3
Human Jya 3
Planeswalker 2
White Command Dragon 2
Magical Monster 2
Master Revolutionary 1
Master DG 1
Master Dragon Z 3
Milkgirl 1
Metal Command Dragon 1
Monster 1
Sumo Wrestler Command 1
Sumo Wrestler Command Dragon 1
Rainbow Dragon 2
World Idol 2
World Command Dragon 1
World Dragon 2
World Bird 3
Infinite Master Dragon 1
??? 3

Race Categories

These categories also appear as a race.

These categories don't appear as a race.