Southern Cross
サザン クロス
Southern Cross
Voice Actor 田中 完
Kan Tanaka

Southern Cross was first introduced in the Duel Masters Cross season of the Duel Masters Anime.


Duel Masters Cross

He is a southern polar bear and is used to be a pet and a precious friend of Sky who was a member of Junior Duelist Center and had a legendary card Bell Hell De Gaul, Footprint of the Reaper. Sky was being chased by Fua Duelist Vavelle for the legendary card he had. Sky contacted his old friend Kokujo and McKee from JDC headquarters to help him. But after being chased a lot he had to hid himself and his friend in a cave and when Southern Cross was asleep he went out and dueled Vavelle and lost to him. After the duel his body was never found but Southern Cross searched for him and still could not found him. Eventually Southern Cross found Kokujo lost in the snow and brought him to Sky's home then he later found McKee and brought him home as well. He showed both of them Sky's diary in which everything what happened to Sky was written and the Legendary card was there as well.

Later Xanadu attacked to get the card but Southern Cross protected Kokujo and Mckee rather than the card itself Kokujo felt his kindness and used Sky's card in his deck and defeated Xanadu in a Kaijudo duel. Later Southern Cross become Kokujo's partner. Kokujo would take him with him everywhere he goes even at the World Championship Tournament.

Duel Masters Cross Shock

Kokujo and Southern Cross had found a deep attachment of friendship and they both went together throughout the tournament and he cheered Kokujo on his every duel. In the finals when Vavelle and Zakira start showing up for the finals they both got very revengeful and almost acted like wild animals. Both of them realised they had one another thing in common revenge for there loved ones. Kokujo had to finally control himself and the bear because the tournament was going according to Yaesar prediction and it was going fairly.

Southern Cross then stood and watched Vavelle who dueled and defeated George but even after his win he trusted Kokujo and stayed calm finally while he was at the side of Kokujo who was dueling against Qumbeech and Mimi who was facing Vavelle. Tings brought back some memories Kokujo told Southern Cross that she will defeat him because she is also a his rival in the past. Southern Cross believed in Kokujo and that is exactly what happened. She defeated him and then he cheered on Kokujo fully and Kokujo defeated Qumbeech. Southern Cross revenge was fulfilled and Kokujo's revenge was also somewhat satisfied because the person he defeated had a big hand in defeating his family.

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