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Soul is a gameplay characteristic that that was introduced on creatures in the Psychic Shock.

It appeared in each of the 5 monocolored civilizations.


They appear on the right side of a card, attached to the border to Card Frame.

A Soul isn't treated as an ability, and doesn't have any innate meaning.

However, the various Souls have different abilities they are paired with, or races they are featured on.

These Souls were represented along the right side of a cards text box. Each of the civilizations has its own unique Soul. However, they were also exceptions of creatures that had multiple souls such as the "Doppel" family (e.g. Aqua Doppel) and Ultra Man / Ultimate Man from the Black Box Pack series.

Souls and their corresponding keyword are not exclusive to those that are the same civilization as the one that Soul is representing. For example, Fighting Musubi has "Kung Fu Soul" even though it is not a Fire Civilization card.

In the background story, creatures with the same Soul were allied together.

Civilization: Soul: Color:
LightLight Holysoul Holy Soul Yellow
WaterWater Magicsoul Magic Soul Blue
DarknessDarkness Evilsoul Evil Soul
Bloodysoul Bloody Soul
Navy Blue
FireFire Kungfusoul Kung Fu Soul Red
NatureNature Wildsoul Wild Soul Green

DMX-12 Black Box Pack introduced a Soul known as Ultra Soul Ultra Soul that appeared initially only on Ultra Man, and later on Ultimate Man in DMX-22 Super Black Box Pack.

While no Souls don't do anything in terms of an effect, each of these Souls are partnered with a keyword.

Some creatures with a combination of Soul abilities have other abilities;

Although not a keyword ability, Holy Soul + Evil Soul cards often had the ability of supporting Angel Commands and Demon Commands, while Kung Fu Soul and Magic Soul cards had triggered abilities for when they left the battle zone.

While they appear in the effect box, as a Soul is not treated as an ability, a creature with no abilities and only a Soul such as Cute Whisper is still considered to be a Vanilla creature and is supported by cards such as Matsurida Wasshoi.

While introduced in the Psychic Shock, it didn't appear in any many series booster pack after Episode 1, only in the supplemental DMX-12 and DMX-22 sets.

There are cards that support other creatures with specific souls such as Golden Eagle, the Scorching Dragon (reducing the cost of Kung Fu Soul creatures) as well as cards that evolve on creatures with a specific soul such as Shinran, the Awakener (evolving over Holy Soul). Deepsea Doppel cares about having the same soul as a creature.


Each of these cards can support or evolve over any of the cards with a Soul.

Support Card: Card Effect:
Deepsea Doppel ■ When you put this creature into the battle zone, you may reveal the top 3 cards of your deck. Put any creatures that have the same Soul as this creature into your hand and put the rest into your graveyard.
Aqua Doppel ■ Each of your other Holy Soul, Magic Soul, Evil Soul, Kung Fu Soul, Wild Soul, or Bloody Soul creatures in the battle zone get +1000 power.

Creatures that evolve from creatures with any Soul ability:

Evolution Creature: Evolves From:
Final Doppel Put on one of your creatures that shares a Soul with this creature.
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