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Sonic Command
Japanflag.png ソニック・コマンド
Blanky, Runaway Jet secret artwork.jpg
Phonetic: Sonikku Komando
Released In: DMR-17 Burning Dogiragon!!
Civilization(s): WaterWater.png
Darkness Darkness.png
Fire Fire.png
Race Category: Command
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Category: Sonic Command

Sonic Command is a race of Command creature in the Fire Civilization and Darkness Civilization, later appearing in the Water Civilization.


They appear as robotic humanoids who are based on motorcycles and are capable of running in sonic speeds. Weaker creatures often ride motorcycles, while stronger creatures seem to be fused with motorcycles.

They seem to be greatly associated with Forbiddens, Initials and Invaders, with all of them having either the Initials and Invader races. This also means that the race might be solely a group of Initials considering how Redzone, Roaring Invasion is an Initials infected with the Invader virus.


Non-evolution creatures feature 轟速ごうそく (Gousoku, Lightning Sonic) or 音速おんそく (Onsoku, Sonic).

Evolution creatures feature 超轟速ちょうごうそく (Chōgousoku, Super Lightning Sonic) or 超音速ちょうおんそく (Chōonsoku, Supersonic).


They also rarely appeared in the Nature Civilization.

Race Category

Other Sonic Command races include;


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Cards that support Sonic Commands

Support Card: Card Effect:
Crim Zone, Invasion of D ■ At the start of your turn, you may put a Sonic Command from your hand.

■ Your Sonic Commands can't be returned from the battle zone to your hand.

Dokindamoon, Forbidden Moon Denjara Switch—At the start of your turn, you may turn this D2 Field upside down for the rest of the game. If you do, put a Sonic Command from your graveyard into the battle zone.
Forbidden Gigatron, D2V2 ■ Whenever this creature attacks, reveal the top card of your deck. If it's a D2 Field, Initials or Sonic Command, add it to your hand. If you have a D2 Field in the battle zone, you may put it into the battle zone instead.
Tune Again ■ Return a card in the battle zone to its owner's hand. If that card is a non-evolution water Sonic Command, you may put it from your hand into the battle zone .



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