Somen is an artist for the Duel Masters Trading Card Game.

List of cards illustrated by Somen

Cards illustrated under the name of "Somen".

 ■ Assault Champion
 ■ Big Beast Cannon
 ■ Brain Cyclone
 ■ Crest of Mother
 ■ Decopin Crash
 ■ Evolute Clock
 ■ Faerie Life
 ■ Final Answer
 ■ Future Capsule
 ■ Goren Cannon
 ■ Grudge Gathering
 ■ King Maximillian, the Ice Fang
 ■ Maria Necks, Guardian of the Spirit Capital
 ■ Muramasa's Socket
 ■ Möbius Cloister
 ■ Nightmare Dragoon
 ■ Nyanjiro, Treasure Cat
 ■ Phantom Beast Flame Dance
 ■ Porcupine Fish
 ■ Proclamation of Weakness
 ■ Rolling Snowman
 ■ Rusty, the Rainbow
 ■ Storium, Light Ray Doll
 ■ Tailspin Slash
 ■ Tulk’s Spirit Reel
 ■ Universe Blast
 ■ Wasshoi Express, Straight Shooting Soldier
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