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Japanflag ソルトルーパー
Ikaz, the Spydroid artwork
Phonetic: Sorutorūpā
Released In: DM-10 Eternal Arms
DM-10 Shockwaves of the Shattered Rainbow
Civilization(s): Light Light
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Category: Soltrooper

Soltrooper is a race of creature in the Light Civilization.


Most of them have "X, the Spydroid" as their name.

In the OCG, they have しゅくせいしゃ in their names.


There were no new Soltroopers seen since DM-17 The Over-Technocross, which makes them the only race to truly go extinct after the events of the Phoenix Saga.

However, one known as Asimov, the Spydroid has been printed in DMRP-03.


They resemble spiderlike mechanical creatures, spinning webs out of materials like light, fog and dreams between the stars.


Soltroopers don't feature any support cards or evolution creatures.


Engbelt, the Spydroid

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