so-taro is an artist for the Duel Masters Trading Card Game.

List of cards illustrated by so-taro

Cards illustrated under the name of "So-taro".

 ■ Britney Stasis, Stagnation Believer
 ■ Espoir, Heaven's Dragon Elemental
 ■ Love Parade, Light Weapon Left God
 ■ Valiant, Illusion Infinite
 ■ Wired, Spirit Knight Right God

Cards illustrated under the name of "So-Taro".

 ■ Ajisai, Love Faerie
 ■ Alnashi, Apostle of Sluggish
 ■ Basoabisu, Abyss Demon Dragon
 ■ Duenurse, Three Extremes
 ■ Girigazami, Groaning Iron Arm
 ■ Lulufens, Sun Dragon Elemental
 ■ Panchou, Beast Army
 ■ Retweegyo #Cherry #Full Bloom
 ■ Sb Ryuuisou, Dragment Symbol
 ■ Sprate, Dragon Armored
 ■ Sunzan, Labyrinth Knight
 ■ Supername Sherlock
 ■ The ZERO, Black Speed
 ■ Utsuvoid, 4th City


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