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Slayer is an evergreen keyword exclusive to the Darkness Civilization.


It allows creatures that commonly feature lower than usual power to destroy any creature that they battle with.

As it does not choose creatures, it can be used to get around Unchoosable creatures such as Supernova Apollonus Dragerion. The creature with Slayer does not need to lose the battle in order to use it's ability due to its text change from DM-10, but usually creatures with slayer are low in power so they are easily destroyed. As a result, it can be used to exploit creatures with the Win All Battles ability and abilities such as ones from Amnis, Holy Elemental in order to destroy them.

  • This original wording of this ability was only featured on 4 English cards, 2 each in DM-01 and DM-03.

Since a Slayer's purpose is to lose a battle, it is generally seen in creatures with 4000 power or less. However, some newer creatures with slayer have high power, (Such as Truename Screaming Psycho) and they can be used to destroy a creature multiple times, such as linked Gods, Psychic Creatures with Release or Super Psychic Creatures.

Slayers also stack, so if a creature with multiple slayer abilities battles another creature, that creature is destroyed that many times.

Reminder Text

The latest reminder text for Slayer reads;

Slayer (Whenever this creature battles, destroy the other creature after the battle.)

It originally read as

Slayer (When this creature loses a battle, destroy the other creature.)


3 Wailing Shadow Belbetphlo
Darkness / Creature


Slayer (Whenever this creature battles, destroy the other creature after the battle.)


Cards with the Slayer ability

 ■ Absord, Dragon Armored
 ■ Acid Reflux, the Fleshboiler
 ■ Automobile Man
 ■ Ball Man
 ■ Barrierbara, Barrier Phantom
 ■ Bash, Misfortune Demon 34
 ■ Beratcha, the Hidden Glutton
 ■ Bochiborof, Aloof Fighter
 ■ Bombra 1, Exploding Whale Doll
 ■ Bone Assassin, the Ripper
 ■ Butch Beads, Guerrilla Division
 ■ Cardamom, Loss of Comfort
 ■ Celulu, Acupuncturist
 ■ Cheval Flute, of the Temporal Foundation
 ■ Claclamb, Decay Demon Dragon
 ■ Columbine, M Demon Dragon
 ■ Cursed Pincher
 ■ Dango Supopon
 ■ Death Arcadia, Devil Saint
 ■ Death Harp
 ■ Dogongiyos, Misfortune Demon 02
 ■ Furubokko Glove, Shadow of Flash Hit
 ■ Fuuma Deathgator
 ■ Fuuma Huma
 ■ Fuuma Jaws Jacks
 ■ Fuuma Mehlwasp
 ■ Fuuma Raum
 ■ Gallows, Revenge
 ■ Gas, Misfortune Demon 96 / Gredead Gas
 ■ Gashagozra, Misfortune Demon 03
 ■ Gigagiele
 ■ Gigagriff
 ■ Gigakail
 ■ Gigaslug
 ■ Gort, God of Sealing
 ■ Grigedol, Darma
 ■ Grinning Axe, the Monstrosity
 ■ Heehaw, Caterpillar Rider
 ■ Hormone, Bone Drip Doctor
 ■ Jagard, Dark Armor
 ■ Jajan, Misfortune Demon 93 / Woofer Tess Voice
 ■ Killer Noise Maracas
 ■ Killereye, Dark Armor
 ■ Koshigahevu, Sloth Demon Dragon
 ■ Leatherface, Texas Chainsaw
 ■ Melkomi Tamatama, Shadow of Restraint
 ■ Necrodragon Halberd
 ■ Niyaari, Exploding Doll
 ■ Original Darkness
 ■ Oute, Misfortune Demon 81
 ■ Pierr, Psycho Doll
 ■ Raidbokkas, Rebellion Demon Dragon
 ■ Remember, Evil Fortress Treasure
 ■ Rettoidd, Demonic Dragon
 ■ Ring Ring Man
 ■ Sasorimukade, Asura
 ■ Scalpel Spider
 ■ Scratchclaw
 ■ Strong Gedor 卍
 ■ Sutenyanko
 ■ Takkun, Physician / Influencer
 ■ Ten★Kattsu
 ■ Tigermite, Bomb Devil
 ■ Trappy Trap Man
 ■ Truename Screaming Psycho
 ■ Tsuruhashi Doji
 ■ Uroborof, Dragon Edge
 ■ Vogane, Darma
 ■ Vorg, Ogre Puppet
 ■ Wailing Shadow Belbetphlo
 ■ Wisp Howler, Shadow of Tears
 ■ Zekkoucho

Cards that give creatures the Slayer ability


  • It is the Duel Masters' equivalent of Deathtouch from its sister series Magic: The Gathering.
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