This deck can no longer be used in the metagame due to Hall of Fame restrictions.

Sir Virginia Reanimate
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Sir Virginia Reanimate is a combo reanimate deck type.


It focuses on the reanimate effect of Sir Virginia, Mystic Light Insect, usually focusing on Parasite Worm or Knight evolution creatures.

Due to its strong synergy with Beginning Romanov, Lord of the Demonic Eye, Sir Virginia was restricted to 1 and this decktype was less predominant in the meta.

Recommended cards

Recommended cards: Reason
Sir Virginia, Mystic Light Insect Core of the deck
Primal Scream Graveyard supply and gets Sir Virginia in hand
Inferno Sign Reanimate
Dandy Nasuo Graveyard supply
Colorful Dance Graveyard supply

Other card candidates

Recommended cards: Reason
Chaos Worm Worm evolution and removal
Ultracide Worm Worm evolution beatstick
Doggmag, Parasite of Decay Worm evolution slayer
Byaha, Dragonic Worm Reaper Vortex evo, strong meteorburn
Beginning Romanov, Lord of the Demonic Eye Grave galaxy vortex, strong meteorburn
Necrodragon Guljeneraid Synergy with Byaha and Beginning Romanov
Worm Gowarski, Masked Insect Low cost grave evolution
Death March, Reaper Puppeteer Low cost grave evolution, though it doesn't have synergy with Sir Virginia
Hades, Emperor of Death Grave evolution
Faerie Life
Living Lithograph
Mana Acceleration
Timeless Garden Mana Acceleration and synergy with meteorburn
Ochappi, Pure Hearted Faerie Mana Acceleration and graveyard supply
Crest of Mother
Gets evolution creatures from the mana zone
Soul Calling Gets Sir Virginia and other creatures in your hand

Water and Fire candidates

Recommended cards: Reason
Mad Romanov, the Wicked God Cast spells from the mana zone
Evolution Burst - Death and Rebirth Removal and reanimate
Magic Shot - Critical Destroyer Blocker removal
Emergency Typhoon
Scramble Typhoon
Hand and graveyard supply
Streaming Shaper Graveyard supply
Legendary Vanguard, the Ice Fang Synergy with Knights
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