Pixiv: 513967
Twitter: ssioboy

sioboy is an artist for the Duel Masters Trading Card Game.

List of cards illustrated by sioboy

Cards illustrated under the name of "Sioboy".

 ■ Althhus Ser
 ■ BoleBole, Bei B
 ■ Counterattacking Silent Spark
 ■ Dorbro, Final Forbidden Gamma
 ■ Dragshoot Charger
 ■ Ka Doubler, Red Attack Silver
 ■ Kiribai, Dragon Armored
 ■ One of the Six Bizarre ~Returning Soldier~
 ■ Poise, Yuugu
 ■ Seminar, Perfect Score
 ■ Skin, Dead Sticher
 ■ Spu Moni
 ■ Stick, Snow Faerie
 ■ Stobass K, Hell Brute
 ■ Sukuzami, Blue Defense Silver / Namuami Rune
 ■ Suzuran, Rebirth Faerie
 ■ Takkun, Physician / Influencer
 ■ Tobu, Bat Style
 ■ Wals Awandes
 ■ Wizard Charger
 ■ ♪ Play by Glory

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