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Silver Frame
銀枠 (Gin Waku)
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Silver Frame is the border of a Card Frame that is silver-colored.


These cards have a silver border around the card frame, in comparison to the usual black.

It is used in various Super Deck products, as well as Miracle Cards. After being used by Super Deck Zero, it is a standard specification of the Super Deck series of theme decks.

Super Deck Cross and its related cards don't use a silver frame, and instead, use a Metal Frame. However, this was reportedly unpopular among members of the player base so the silver frame was returned.

Joan Mizell, Revolution Spear from DMX-17 Dragon Souls Festival is the first card that appeared without a foil process. The D'Arc-en-Ciel, Holy Spear Dragon Elemental on its dragsolutioned Dragheart Creature side, however, was still foil processed.

List of Silver Frame cards

Some promotional cards released around these sets.