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  • The vast majority of Giant Insects were wiped out under the massive Darkness invasion. At the outset of the Ancient War, the worms of the Darkness civilization wiped out the insects before Silver Fist and his clan could react in time. As the invaders fed on the corpses and bred a greater plague of ravaging worms, Silver Fist gathered the Silver Hair tribe and met the horde head-on. A short sword in hand, the legendary leader swung his tree-trunk-sized arms back and forth and cut through the swarm. Silver Fist and the other beast folk slew legions of Darkness worms on the battlefield and stopped that thrust of the invasion.
    • Today, Silver Fist is recognized as one of the most spiritual beings in the forest. He believes that the Light beings are gods and has helped to forge an alliance between the two civilizations. On many occasions, he has climbed the stairways carved into their world trees, ascending the impossible heights to commune with his gods.
This card has "Isomorphic Resales", cards that are near-functional reprints, but with a different race.
  • These cards are Nature Civilization creatures that have a mana cost of 4, 3000+ power and the "Power Attacker +1000" keyword.
Name: Race:
Dome Shell Colony Beetle
Silver Fist Beast Folk
Paradise Horn Horned Beast
Seven Star Ladybug Giant Insect
Silver Fist