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Shori Kirifuda
Shori Kirifuda
Civilization(s) Fire Fire Nature Nature
Affiliation Kirifuda Family
Family Z Kirifuda (Grandfather)
Katsuzo Kirifuda (Father)
Mai Kirifuda (Wife)
Shobu Kirifuda (Son)
Katta Kirifuda (Son)
Lulu Kirifuda (Daughter in Law)
Joe Kirifuda (Grandson)
Voice Actors Cam Clarke Wikipedia (Season 1)
Milton Lawrence Wikipedia (Sacred Lands)
浜田 賢二
Kenji Hamada Wikipedia
Signature Card(s) Bolberg Cross Dragon

Shori Kirifuda is the husband of Mai Kirifuda, father of Shobu and Katta Kirifuda, and grandfather of Joe Kirifuda.

He's an established duelist recognized by Yaesar to the point of being chosen to be the next inheritor of the Duel Master Proof before the Fua Duelists strike. He serves as an important character in Shobu Era, being the main motivator of Shobu's journey.


His appearance is based on a taller version of Shobu. From Shigenobu Matsumoto's artwork of Great Earth, he was shown to have grown sideburns, possibly to distinguish him from his son Shobu, who was currently an adult.

In his return in VSRF, Shori was shown to have grayer hair, as the events on Katta's story took place several years since his last appearance.



Season 1[]

He helped Shobu to be interested in the game of Duel Masters at a young age. He left his home and family to continue his Kaijudo training, but misses his family every day.

He came back in Season 2, but he disappears again. He makes an appearance in the Duel Masters Movie trying to help Shobu, but again disappears.

Duel Masters Charge[]

In Duel Masters Charge, he is revealed to have been killed by Zakira using Death Phoenix, Avatar of Doom (in Duel Masters Cross, it was Supernova Apollonus Dragerion) in a Kaijudo duel while trying to protect the Duel Master's Proof from falling into Zakira's hands.

Duel Masters Cross[]

However, as revealed in Duel Masters Cross, before he was deleted he gave Extreme Bucketman a deck case to pass onto Shobu. It is only later revealed that he wasn't truly dead but deleted, however he managed to break free of his imprisonment and has been reunited with his son.

Duel Masters Versus[]

Shori was briefly seen in a flashback with child Shobu, watching his infant second son Katta.

Duel Masters Versus Revolution Final[]

After a long absence in the series, he was present in his second son's wedding along with Mai, Shobu and Katsuzo. After the wedding ceremony, he along with the other guests were present when Katta reveals a 3 year old Joe Kirifuda. He was shocked by Kattas revelation of already having a kid at a young age upon the latter's revelation that Joe was the newlywed couple's son.

Duel Masters King![]

Shori was mentioned by his grandson Joe during the team's journey to find the 12 legendary cards, with Bolshack Dragon being one of them.


His deck is an advanced version of Shobu's, with his trump card being Bolberg Cross Dragon.

He uses cards from DMC-39 Victory Soul and DMC-45 Battle of Yamato Soul.


Video Game Appearances[]


  • In the anime, he passed down Bolshack Dragon to Shobu. This was followed years later, with Shobu passing down a Revolutionary variant of Bolshack Dragon to his younger brother Katta.
  • His second son Katta Kirifuda's role in Joe Era is similar to his role in Shobu Era.
  • Before the reason of his disappearance was explained in Duel Masters: Fighting Edge, Shori often make an appearance in various official sources (such as the movie, Sacred Lands and various video games) as a plot twist or "secret" character, which all are retconned by canon events.