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This is a listing of each of [[Shobu Kirifuda]]s decks.
This is a listing of each of [[Shobu Kirifuda]]'s decks.

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This is a listing of each of Shobu Kirifuda's decks.


During the first seven volumes of the manga where Magic: The Gathering was the central focus of the plot, Shobu used a deck of Slivers along with the Earthquake sorcery card, and Shivan Dragon as his trump card. Sliver creatures are Magic: The Gathering cards that have a play-style similar to Survivors from Duel Masters.

Duel Masters Star Cross


Season 1

In the first season of the Duel Masters Anime, Shobu uses a Fire Civilization deck, with Bolshack Dragon as his trump card. He later experiments adding the other civilizations to his deck as well as adding Armored Blaster Valdios as his secondary trump card after learning the power of evolution creatures.

Sacred Lands

He constructed 5 different decks, a new deck of the 5 respective civilization that he visited. He used these new decks to defeat the P.L.O.O.P. Leaders one by one. He then Constructed 4 new decks for Battle Arena Tournament.

Light Civilization Arc:

Water Civilization Arc:

Nature Civilization Arc:

Darkness Civilization Arc:

Fire Civilization Arc:

Tournament Arc:
A Fire and Nature Civilization Charger deck. Used in local tournament and preliminaries of Battle Arena Tournament.

Bombazar Dragon deck:
A Fire, Nature and multicolored deck. After the duel with his mother he re-edited his deck before the tournament with Light Civilization cards in it as well.

Soul Phoenix Deck:
A Fire, Nature and multicolored deck.

Shobu Hydro Deck:
A Water, Fire and multicolored deck.

Duel Masters Charge

Vorse Red Fire Dragon Deck:
He used a Fire, Nature and multicolored deck.

Bolberg Cross Deck He used a Fire, Nature and multicolored deck.

Cross Gear X Accelerator Deck
He used a Fire, Nature and multicolored deck. He later realised with this deck that without Bolberg Cross Dragon this deck does not have many strong creatures and it cannot be used to its fullest potential.

Dual Shock Rush Deck:
He used a Fire and Nature deck. With this deck he decided to use more dragons and turn it into a fast pace so he can draw and summon high cost creatures easily.

Zero Duel Masters

Mono Colored Slash Deck:
He used a monocolored Fire Civilization deck.

Deck 2:
He used Fire, a Nature and multicolored deck.

Galzark Dragon Deck:
He used a Darkness, Fire, Nature and multicolored deck. He received this deck from his father through Dr. Root. With this deck as it was his fathers gift he did not wanted to let go of it and only won few duel but lost many. He continued using this deck in Duel Masters Zero as well and faced many losses.

Duel Masters Zero

Deck 1:
He used a Water and Fire deck. He finally made changes to the deck that he got from his father by using Water Civilization instead of Darkness Civilization.

DMC-39 Victory Soul:
Shobu found his father's old deck and started to use it. But in this deck he used some of his own cards as well.

Duel Masters Cross

He focuses on Armored Dragons. After losing to Yumama he loses most of his deck, and is given a new deck by Shori which is based on Samurai and Armored Dragon's.

DMC-43 Never Ending Hero:
This is a new deck given to him from Hakuoh when he defeated him. In this deck Shobu still uses some more cards.

DMC-45 Battle of Yamato Soul:
Shobu found his fathers recent used deck which shown to him by Bolmeteus Musha and Bolbalzak Sword Flash Dragon. In this deck he added some extra cards from previous both decks. In this deck Shobu had up to 55 cards and he still won against Zakira.

DMC-49 Force of Dragon:
In this deck Shobu plans to use his new fire birds and NEX family of cards and other new dragons. Shobu uses this deck for training and in the qualifiers of the world championship tournament.

DMC-56 The Samurai Legend:
In this deck Shobu also uses some extra cards.

Duel Masters Cross Shock

Tornado Shiva XX Dragon Deck:
This deck was used in the second round of the tournament.

DMC-62 Ultra NEX
This deck was used in the training and learning about the new Psychic creatures before the finals.

Bolshack Psychic Deck:
He used a Fire, Nature and multicolored deck. He used this deck in the finals of World Championship tournament and also used it defeat Zakira's Psychic deck.

Genji XX Psychic Awakening Deck
This deck was used in the creature world against other Duel Masters creatures during his training, as well as facing against Diabolos Zeta, Temporal Ruler.

(After facing off against him in the creature world Shobu had made him into his own friend and promised to use him in his deck).

Duel Masters Victory

Duel Masters Versus

In episode 33, he used a monocolored Fire Civilization deck like his younger brother. His strategy revolved around summoning numerous fire creatures into the battle zone and increasing their power.His main Dragheart Creature,Bolshack Masters, Trump Dragon allows him to break all of his opponent's shields at one turn and power up his creatures for every fire cards in his graveyard.

Duel Masters Versus Revolution

He makes an appearance with one of his creatures, Überdragon King Bolshack in the opening sequence. In the anime, it was indicated he has a Revolutionary Legend card, which hints that he uses cards from the Revolutionary race. The card was later revealed to be Bolshack Dogiragon, in which he was about to give to Katta.

In episode 35 and 36 to train Katta in using Bolshack Dogiragon's true power, he uses cards from DMX-21 Masters Chronicle Pack: Comic of Heroes, with the Bolshack name category as his main focus. By using Bolshack NEX ability, he can swiftly summon his ace creature Überdragon King Bolshack by searching it in his deck through Bolshack Lupia and through its Gravity Zero effect.


Duel Masters: Curse of the Death Phoenix

Eternal Phoenix Deck:
A Fire and Nature multicolored Vortex Evolution deck.

Lunatic God Saga

NEX Ultimate Evolution Deck:

Duel Masters: Blazing Bonds XX

He used the DMC-65 The Movie Deck: Ultra Fire Spirits deck as well as the following cards.

Video Games

Duel Masters Game: Shadow of the Code

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