Civilization(s) DarknessDarkness FireFire
Affiliation Doumei No. 5

Shinyo-Oh was first introduced in the Duel Masters: Haouden Gachi!! series of the Duel Masters Manga.


He uses the "Rule of Gaia", and is an expert in mana manipulation.

He is of Chinese descent, and his eyes are lacking light in most appearances.

His appearance is also quite "Gangsta", wearing an earring and his tie loose at all times.

He aims to become a top duelist, which is why he joined Doumei, though he is not an early member, joining halfway.


As of volume one, he is revealed to be Doumei No. 5.

In chapter two, Shinyou duels Taiga in the second match of the Kanto-Kansai Duel Tournament, but loses to Taiga's Aquan, which attacks for the win after a top-decked Invincible Abyss clears the way.

He then joins Taiga's team, easily defeating many foes such as the Korean team.

For the most part, he describes duels and gives explanations to the less experienced team members.


He uses a Darkness, Fire and Nature civilization deck.

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