Shigenobu Matsumoto
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Shigenobu Matsumoto is an artist for the Duel Masters Trading Card Game.


He is the author of the Duel Masters Manga, and designer.

Each card drawn by him is a Promotional card, a Heroes Card, or a spell card from DMX-21 Masters Chronicle Pack: Comic of Heroes.

He appeared as an exclusive game character in Duel Masters: Birth of the Super Dragon, and on the Y6 and Y7 promotional Bolshack Dragon card.

There is also a card named after him from DMX-12 Black Box Pack, called Mr. Matsumoto, as well as in DMEX-03, Matsumoto Daidaidai Sensei.

Nomad Hero Gigio is named after his parakeet, which is now deceased.

List of cards illustrated by Shigenobu Matsumoto

Cards illustrated under the name of "Shigenobu Matsumoto".

 ■ Abaku Onifuda and Jaouga
 ■ All Delete
 ■ Aqua Surfer
 ■ Army, Insect Repellent
 ■ Assault, Revolution Dragon
 ■ Ballcadeia NEX, Lord of Demon Dragons
 ■ Beginning the Merabeat
 ■ Bolshack Dragon
 ■ Bolshack Fire
 ■ Boys to Men
 ■ Chokusin Go
 ■ Deck the Decky
 ■ Decky the Hall
 ■ Donpatchi Ojisan
 ■ Energy Stream
 ■ Faerie Life
 ■ Game On! Kirifuda Family!
 ■ Gatling, Sonic
 ■ Ghost Touch
 ■ God of Zetto
 ■ Golden Key, Messenger of "Zenith"
 ■ Great Earth
 ■ Heaven's Gate
 ■ I'll ask! Katsudon
 ■ Idolmaster Leo
 ■ Intense Anger!! Fujiyaman
 ■ Joe Kirifuda and Momoking
 ■ Johnny the Beginning
 ■ Jurogumo
 ■ Katsudon, Kung Fu Panyao
 ■ Katta's Crew Is Coming To Town
 ■ Katta Kirifuda, Curry Bread Boy
 ■ Katta Kirifuda, Curry Bread Master
 ■ Katta Kirifuda, Passion Duel Soul
 ■ King Poisonous Mushroom
 ■ Last Violence
 ■ Legendary Duelist
 ■ Matchless Battle Supreme
 ■ Matsumoto Daidaidai Sensei
 ■ Mr. Matsumoto
 ■ Nanmo Nai, Holy Heaven Guardian
 ■ Necrodragon Dadan Danda Dance
 ■ Necrodragon Guljeneraid
 ■ New Generation
 ■ Onimaru "End", Grand Finale
 ■ Perfect Madonna, Light Weapon
 ■ Phoenix Life
 ■ Prelude of Horror
 ■ Princess Prin, the Curious
 ■ Reaper Scream
 ■ Spread Joy to the World!
 ■ Sutenyanko
 ■ Tasogare Hell Punch
 ■ Terror Pit
 ■ The Churuchuruzu
 ■ Treasure Cruise
 ■ VAN Beat, Battlefield Pianist
 ■ Valkyrie Dogiragon
 ■ Wasshoi Mantaro
 ■ Whiteout
 ■ Zakira, Ultimate Lifeform

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