Shield Saver
Japanflag シールド・セイバー (Shīrudo Seibā)
DM-30 Ultra Duel
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Shield Saver is keyword shared among each of the 5 monocolored civilizations.


While it is not keyworded on them, the Shield Saver effect is used on cards in the TCG, Nastasha, Channeler of Suns and Pulsar Tree during DM-07 and DM-08.

It enables the player to sacrifice a creature with the ability to protect a shield. This can help the player protect some Castles or prolong his survival. Note that the shield must be broke, if the opponent uses an effect that simply returns shields to the hand such as Tyranno Link Nova, Shield Saver cannot be used. The same applies to break substitution effects such as those from Bolmeteus Steel Dragon. And as it is a substitution effect, other effects that prevent creatures from being destroyed such as Grand Cross Catastrophe do not allow a creature to save a shield multiple times.

Reminder Text

The latest reminder text for Shield Saver reads;

Shield Saver (When one of your shields would be broken, you may destroy this creature instead.)


5 Bucket Bucket, Fairy of the Enduring Snow
Nature / Creature
Snow Faerie + Samurai


Shield Saver (When one of your shields would be broken, you may destroy this creature instead.)

■ When this creature is destroyed, choose one of your opponent's creatures and put it into its owner's mana zone.


Cards with the Shield Saver ability


  • Q: What happens if a creature with Double Breaker or above breaks your shields and you have a creature with Shield Saver in the battle zone?
    • A: The shields are treated as different objects. When your opponent choose the first shield, you may destroy the creature with shield saver and that shield is kept. The your opponent chooses the second shield and breaks it.

Color percentages

There are a total of 9 cards with the Shield Saver ability, which divide by civilization as such:

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