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Shield Feed
シールドおく(Shīrudo Okuri)
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Shield Feed a slang term given to the abilities that put creatures in the battle zone into its owner's shields.


It is a form of Removal primarily found in the Light Civilization.

3 Miraculous Snare
Light Light.png WaterWater.png / Spell

(This spell is put into your mana zone tapped.)
■ Choose a non-evolution creature in the battle zone and add it to its owner's shields face down.

As it increases the number of your opponents shields, it is incompatible for a beatdown type strategy. However, it can still be used in a control deck to control the tempo of gameplay.

It is often considered as a permanent form of removal for creature, as it is unlikely your opponent is playing cards that can recover cards from their own shields in most decks (with the exception of a card such as Kodamanma, All-Devouring Doll).

As a deck would usually need to still attack the creature put into the shields later on in order to win the game, creatures that have Shield Trigger such as Aqua Surfer or Ragnarok, the Clock can prove troublesome to avoid. This can completely be ignored with decks that win by a Mill strategy; removing cards from their opponents deck until they can't draw, or using a shield burn creature such as Bolmeteus Sapphire Dragon or Wedding, Zenith of "Celebration".

Pakurio and Psychic You are generally considered to be Shield Feed cards, even though they are from the Water Civilization and put cards from the hand into the shields, rather than from the battle zone.

Many Shield Feed cards feature "ヘヴン" Heaven in their card names.

In the The Rise of Kings, card text of Shield Addition and Shield Feed cards were changed to use the Shieldify keyword action.

List of Shield Feed cards