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Shield Burn
(Shīrudo Shōkyaku)
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Shield Burn is a slang term given to the ability on cards that put shields into any other gameplay zone (usually into a graveyard) other than the shield's owner's hand.


There are two main methods of ways that these shields are can be put into a graveyard or other non-hand zones.

There are substitution abilities such as Bolmeteus Steel Dragon that say "Whenever this creature would break a shield, your opponent puts that shield into his graveyard instead". In this case, when a shield would be broken, it is put into your opponents graveyard instead of his hand.

7 Bolmeteus Steel Dragon
Fire Fire.png / Creature
Armored Dragon

■ Double breaker (This creature breaks 2 shields.)

■ Whenever this creature would break a shield, your opponent puts that shield into his graveyard instead.

There are also one-time effects where a shield is put into your graveyard after the ability has triggered such as Gajirabute, Vile Centurion; "When you put this creature into the battle zone, choose one of your opponent's shields and put it into his graveyard."

As these abilities are not a regular shield break, they don't allow Shield Saver to protect the shields nor does it allow the Destruction Substitution effects of some castles to trigger. Additionally, since the shields are not put into the hand, it doesn't allow Shield Triggers to be used, and thus omitting the possible danger of a reversal. Also, since the shields are not "broken", Turbo Rush can't be triggered by these attacks.

While it doesn't appear on all creatures in the Bolmeteus family, as it featured on Bolmeteus Steel Dragon early in the game, its often seen as an ability of the family.

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