Civilization(s) WaterWater.png
Voice Actor 西谷亮
Ryou Nishitani
Signature Card(s) Sharkuga, King of the Sea
Triden, Wandering Palace

Shacho is a new generation duelist and one of Joe Kirifuda's rivals in Duel Masters (2017).


Shacho is a duelist from a rich background and is Joe's classmate and is accompanied with Hunter and Fulcon Purito. He is very arrogant and overconfident and treats all people who have less wealth as him as peasants and must bow down to him.

His father is the president of a cooperation who created the new Duel Tables that allow creatures to appear materialized.


Duel Masters (2017)

He first encountered Joe in the dueling club where a holographic image of Nagnag Churis and a Gurudo 54, Dragon Armored are attacking people in a room. After Joe stopped the Gurudo 54 from attacking him, Shaccho appeared and mocked him and when Joe made a confident face, he was bullied by Shaccho's friends Hunter and Purito.

Later on Joe made a series of Jokers creatures and challenged him to a duel, which he arrogantly accepts. While he bounced all of Joe's Jokers with Sharkuga, King of the Sea, he was defeated by Jolly the Johnny's extra win effect.

One day he bugged Joe about a much larger Ramen store in the middle of the town, which was cluttered with people. The Ramen Store that Joe frequented was also shut down due to competition, causing Joe to create The Ramen.

During the events of the ariel ramen shop, he found the rumored location and got there with his gang by plane, though Joe was able to get there by using Tenkuuoh, Super Extreme Class.


He uses a Water Civilization Mutopia deck.


  • His hairdo and the shape of his head resembles Hakase. Both are also water duelists.
  • Ironically despite coming from a rich background, the rarest card in his deck is Sharkuga, King of the Sea which costs no more than 200 yen in real life.

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