Shachihoko Spring
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Shachihoko Spring is a combo deck type.


They are typically Light, Water, Darkness and Fire civilization decks that uses a combo involving Unified Shachihoko Kaiser, Formation in the Springs, Atsuto, Duel Hero Strategist and Intense World! Shachihoko Kaiser.

Recommended Cards

Recommended cards Reason
Unified Shachihoko Kaiser Psychic Summoner
Formation in the Springs Returns creatures from graveyard.
Atsuto, Duel Hero Strategist Draw and grave control
Intense World! Shachihoko Kaiser Creature bringer
Recommended cards Reason
Jenny, the Suicide Doll
Self-Destructing Gil Poser
Phal Pierro, Apocalyptic Guardian
Effect with self destroyer, and help to summon psychic by Unified Shachihoko Kaiser
Berlin, Bell Gravekeeper
Hot Spring Crimson Meow
Maxval, Electro-Fuuma
Draw and cost reduce
Heavy, Dragon God
Death Circle, the Explosive Shadow
Celeste, Explosive Enforcer
Aqua Burster
Zabi Demona, Dead Sea Treasure
Self destroying effect
Triple Revival Resurrection Creature bringer from grave
Aquan Jr.'s Delivery
Cebu Aquman Jr.
Super Trash Train, Fuuma Devil
Murian self destroyer and Draw
Hyperspatial Spells
Recommended Psychic Creatures Reason
Red ABYTHEN Kaiser
White TENMTH Kaiser
Black WILLOW Kaiser
Intense Boiling! Hot Spring Gallows
Intense Sumo! Thrust Wrestler
Alien Father (Just 1 Song?)
Mother Alien (Gladly)
Prin Prin, the Victorious
Gaga Sirius, the Temporal
Zabi Jekyll, Temporal Gunman
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