Shachihoko Group is a team of duelists that is lead by Onsen.


The team consists of 6 members:


The top 3 members of the group all use the Alien race of creature. The remaining 3 members belong to a local karate club, collecting cards by defeating duelists and taking their cards when they win. The team leader's main objective is to obtain the Prin Prin, the Eternal card. Dragon Ryu. the leader of Team Dragon is also seeking this card.

After searching around for it, they managed to track it down to the Duel Carnival Tournament. The top 3 members of the group join the tournament as "Team Shachihoko". Their team is successful in defeating Team Dragon's leader Dragon Ryu as well as Yohdel and Bucyake from Team Tensai Katta.

They later began to lose against the leader of the Team Tensai Katta, Katta Kirifuda in the semifinals. In the final duel, Onsen dueled off against Katta for the Prin Prin, the Eternal card and lost. During the celebrations of the tournament, Onsen managed to brainwash Yohdel into running away from the tournament to hand the card over to Onsen.

It was later revealed that Onsen, Shachihoko and Rikishi were actually possesed by the aliens who made up Gallows Hellish Dragon, Brink of Despair, who made a pact with them in order to acheive something.


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