Japanflag コガラツ
Pixiv: 215287
Twitter: @akiki_320
Seki is an artist for the Duel Masters Trading Card Game.

List of cards illustrated by Seki

Cards illustrated under the name of "Seki".

 ■ Akashic First, Electro-Dragon
 ■ Alcadeias, Lord of Spirits
 ■ Alphadios, Lord of Spirits
 ■ Aqua Sniper
 ■ Billion-Degree Dragon
 ■ Burning Mane
 ■ Crystal Spinslicer
 ■ Engineer Kipo
 ■ Ethel, Star Sea Elemental
 ■ Gaga Alcadeias, Lord of Enslaved Spirits
 ■ Heavy Tank, the Incendiary
 ■ Hunter Cluster
 ■ Jagila, the Hidden Pillager
 ■ Jealousy Bell
 ■ Legendary Bynor
 ■ Minelord Skyterror
 ■ Necrodragon Zalva
 ■ Nemonex, Bajula's Robomantis
 ■ Nomad Warrior El Gigio
 ■ Pala Olesis, Morning Guardian
 ■ Pangaea's Song
 ■ Rothus, the Traveler
 ■ Saliva Worm
 ■ Scissor Eye
 ■ Scissor Eye GR
 ■ Scratchclaw
 ■ Spiritual Star Dragon
 ■ Typhoon Crawler
 ■ Ultra Mantis, Scourge of Fate
 ■ Valiant Warrior Exorious
 ■ Volcanic Arrows
 ■ Überdragon Bajula

Cards illustrated under the name of "Kogaratsu".

 ■ Ral Absorber, Light Divine Dragon
 ■ Seimei, Yin-Yang Enforcer

Cards illustrated under the name of "kogaratu".

 ■ Astral Rush


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