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Seitaro Gero
下呂げろ 清太郎せいたろう
Seitaro Gero.png
Civilization(s) DarknessDarkness.png
Voice Actor うえだゆうじ
Yūji Ueda
Signature Card(s) Moldy Bread Man

Seitaro Gero was first introduced in the Duel Masters Victory V season of the Duel Masters anime.

He is nicknamed ゲロッパ (Geroppa).


When Katta and his friends were ordered by Maria Ave to clean the class, Gero stood in their way by messing the room around. Maria Ave saw this and attempted stopping him through a duel where she abused her trump card Perfect Madonna, Channeler of Suns. However, Gero's Hedrian deck reduced the power of her creatures to 0, destroying all including her trump card and she was defeated. It was up to Katta to defeat Gero.

While his power reducing combos of Rose Castle and Moldy Bread Man proved to counter Katta's early game, Katta was saved by a Death Gate, Gate of Hell shield trigger which revived his Vorg, Brawler of Hell. He then got back the advantage with Oninaguri, Infinite Fist and sealed his victory by spamming creatures and casting Tailspin Slash which gave them all speed attacker.


He uses a Darkness deck based on Hedrians.