Screw Spiral
Civilization: WaterWater
Card Type: Spell
Mana Cost:  4
English Text: ■ Choose a creature in the battle zone and return it to its owner's hand.

■ If you have more shields than your opponent, you may draw a card.

Japanese Text: ■ バトルゾーンにあるクリーチャーを1体選び、持ち主の手札に戻す。

■ 自分のシールドの数が相手のより多ければ、カードを1枚引いてもよい。

Flavor Text: 影の主催者、ザ=デッドマンが討たれようと『デュエル・マスターズ』は続く。ドラグハートは失われたが、ドラグハートの差が戦力の決定的な差で無いことをお見せしよう。新しい時代を作るのはドラグハートではないのだ! The race of Duel Masters continues after the mastermind, The=Deadman, has been defeated. Though the Draghearts have been lost, I will show you that Draghearts are not the definitive weapons that demonstrate power. The new era is not created by Draghearts! ---Newton, Aqua Ace
Mana: 1
Illustrator: KIYA
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