Screw Rocket
Civilization: FireFire
Card Type: Spell
Mana Cost:  4
English Text: ■ Choose one of your opponent's cross gears and put it into its owner's graveyard.

Metamorph (If you have 7 or more cards in your mana zone, this spell gets the following Metamorph ability.)

Metamorph Instead of one of your opponent's cross gears, choose 2 of your opponent's cross gears and put them in their owner's graveyard.
Japanese Text: ■ バトルゾーンにある相手のクロスギアを1枚選び、持ち主の墓地に置く。

■ メタモーフ (自分のマナゾーンに7枚以上カードがあれば、この呪文は次のMetamorph能力を得る)

Metamorph バトルゾーンにある相手のクロスギアを、1枚のかわりに2枚まで選び、持ち主の墓地に置く。
Mana Number: 1
Illustrator: Akifumi Yamamoto
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