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Sapphire Wisdom
(Safaia U~izudamu)
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Sapphire Wisdom is a character in the Duel Masters Creature World that is often quoted in the Flavor Texts of cards in the Light and Water civilizations.


A mysterious character who appeared in the flavor text of Squawking Lunatron and Nial, Vizier of Dexterity and Bye Bye Amoeba. It also appeared on the flavor text of cards in DMD-32 and finally became a card itself in DMX-24 Shine! Duedemy Prize Pack.

He is a shady character who desires irregular knowledge and supports each civilization for this desire and also uses them for his own purposes.

Sometime later in Masters Chronicle, he gave his knowledge to the Alcadeias Lord of Spirits family for an unknown reason and created Alpharion, Lord of Spirits. He also helped fight against the Lord of Demons clan led by Tyrant Black Monarch for Alcadeias according to the lost chapter 7 of the "Alcadeias Bible".

His true civilization is unknown, but in his card, he is Light Water, and he lives at the end of the Heaven's Gate and controls everything inside it. As he is thirsty for knowledge, before his featuring as a card, he is predicted to be Light/Water.

Other than just being an Angel Command, he also has the Starnoid race which was previously exclusive to Wise Starnoid, Avatar of Hope. While he is an Angel Command evolution creature, he doesn't follow the usual nomenclature.

Unlike the appearance of the traditional evolution Angel Commands which are based on robotic figures, he resembles a magician as if he came from the Water Civilization as well as resembling a gender-neutral biblical angel. He also has only one eye, representing him as a character that is between good and evil.

Mentioned on the following cards

Sapphire Wisdom has no regulars. He only wants knowledge.
Sapphire Wisdom gave materials for new creatures to all civilizations for his own purposes.
Many Light Races used this.
"Today's theme is annoyingness." -A word by Sapphire Wisdom
The knowledge gained from Sapphire Wisdom.
Because of this, against Alpharion there is no chance!!
Sapphire Wisdom. Its presence that once gave knowledge to the Light Civilization has now resurfaced.
The new knowledge that exceeds the biomaterial that was once given,
Sapphire Wisdom-sama is going to give it to the Alcadeias family.
The gate of heaven, it was a symbol of the Light Civilization.
Its true form was the entrance to the residence of the Sapphire Wisdom.

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