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Sabermask Scarab
Sabermask Scarab
Japanflag Phonetic: Seibāmasuku Bītoru (Sabermask Beetle)
Civilization: Nature Nature
Card Type: Creature
Mana Cost: 4
Race: Giant Insect
English Text:

■ Whenever this creature attacks, return a card from your mana zone to your hand.

Japanese Text:

■ このクリーチャーが攻撃する時、自分のマナゾーンからカードを1枚、自分の手札に戻す。

Power: 4000
Flavor Texts: Rhythmically swayed by Sabermask Scarab's giant wings, the branches and leaves of the forest sing a march for it as it flies overhead. (DM-10)
巨大な羽根が巻き起こす風にそよぐ木々。葉と枝の揺らぐ音が行進曲のように鳴り響いた。 (DM-10)
Mana Number: 1
Illustrator: Sansyu
Other Card Information: