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S-Rank Invader
Japanflag.png Sエスきゅうしんりゃくしゃ
Phonetic: Esu Kyū Shinryakusha
Released In: DMR-19 Forbidden Dokindam X
Civilization(s): Water / Darkness / Nature
Race Category: Invader
DM-Wiki: Article
Category: S-Rank Invader

S-Rank Invader is a race of Invader creature shared between the Water, Darkness, and Nature civilizations.


  • Water creatures are based on aliens. They are led by Magic Commands and feature effects based on Deck-outs.
  • Darkness creatures are based on zombies. They are mostly based on various former invader heads and have effects that are based on removal or the graveyard.
  • Nature creatures are based on cavemen. They are led by Guerrilla Commands and have 3 to 3000 power as well as effects relating to the number of creatures in the battle zone, referencing their inability to count more than 3.


Evolution creatures have Sエスきゅう (S-Rank) as a suffix.

  • Water creatures have 宇宙スペース (Space) as a suffix and have names that are related to UFOlogy.
  • Darkness creatures have 不死ゾンビ (Zombie) as a suffix and have names related to death.
    • This also includes デッド (Dead).
  • Nature creatures have 原始トライブ (Tribe) and have names based on the number three.
    • This also includes サン (San).


They are exclusive to the evolution creature card type, with the majority having the S-Rank Invasion ability word, similar to normal Invasion but being able to bring them out from an additional zone other than hand.

They are paired with the following races;

Civilization: Allied Race
WaterWater.png Magic Command
Liquid People Sen
DarknessDarkness.png Demon Command
Funky Knightmare
NatureNature.png Guerrilla Command
Beast Folk Go


They were new invaders that were created by a new S-Rank Invader virus.


S-Rank Invaders are affected by all cards that affect Invaders, but currently there are no cards or evolution creatures that specify S-Rank Invaders.

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