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ルール (Rule)
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Rule(s) refer to the instructions for playing a game of Duel Masters.


The official game rules are set by Takara Tomy as well as the regulation for tournaments. Some of the local rules can be determined by the event organizer.

General rules such as the steps of a turn are rarely changed, but detailed rules such as specific card interactions are changed on occasion so attention should be paid to Errata.

Various Regulation can apply for tournaments, as well as the Hall of Fame.

Some processes of the game are determined by the base game rules, while others are only seen to due to specific card effects.

For an example of misled rules, see "Misunderstanding of Common Rules".

Some cards such as Cross Gear and Psychic Creatures have annotative sentences detailing how they are used, and is treated as Reminder Text, rather than as an ability.

Basic Rules

Examples of Rules based processing

  • You are forced to untap all your cards in the battle zone and your mana zone at the start of your turn during your uptap step. If you carelessly missed it, you should rewind to this step.
  • You are forced to draw a card during your draw step. If you carelessly missed it, you should rewind to this step.
  • Creatures put into the battle zone will have "summoning sickness". This isn't true for evolution creatures, Linked Gods, and awakened Psychic Creatures.
  • Creatures that lose a battle are destroyed.
  • Creatures break shields when they attack a player and aren't blocked.
  • Creatures that have 0 power or less are destroyed.
  • Psychic Creatures and Draghearts that are removed from the battle zone are returned to the players hyperspatial zone.
  • Whenever you put a creature with a Command race into the battle zone, put a seal that has the same civilization as that Command into your graveyard.
  • An evolution creature that lost the top card of the stack are rebuilt.
  • Cells, Weapons, Seals and any cards underneath creatures that are no longer appropriate to a card existing to a creature in the battle zone are put back into the hyperspatial zone or graveyard.
  • When a D2 Field is put into the battle zone, another D2 Field is put into the graveyard.
  • Multicolored cards are put into the mana zone tapped.

Examples of non-Rules based processing

  • You can't put an exile creature that has "NAME" in its name into the battle zone.
  • If this card is anywhere other than the battle zone, destroy all creatures, then you lose the game. (seen on the Forbidden name category of creatures)

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