Rouberhine, White Horn Emperor's Will
白皇角はくおうかく意志いし ルーベライノ
Civilization: LightLight
Card Type: Gacharange Creature
Mana Cost:  3
Races: Metallica / Wonderforce
English Text: ■ You may reduce the cost to cast each of your light spells by 1. They can't cost less than 1.

(At the start of your game, separate your gacharange creatures from your deck and put them into your super gacharange. If a gacharange creature would be put into a zone other than the battle zone, return it to your super gacharange.)

Japanese Text: ■ 自分の光の呪文を唱えるコストを最大1少なくする。ただし、コストは0以下にはならない。


Power:  2000
Flavor Text: 高純度の「白皇石」でできたルーベライノの角は、正義のパワーで君を助ける! 光の呪文が多いデッキに入れると、動きが超スムーズになるぞ。(DMEX-05)
Mana: 1
Illustrator: akagi
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