This deck can no longer be used in the metagame due to Hall of Fame restrictions.

Rosia Miradante
ロージアミラダンテⅫ (Rosia Miradante Twelve)
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Rosia Miradante is a combo beatdown deck type.


It is based on bringing out Heaven's Rosia, True Dragon Edge wit the ability of Dragon's Sign coupled with a Dragheart. It then uses a Revolution Change ability to put Miradante Twelve into the battle zone and lock the opponent with Final Revolution. Due to risky color accidents plaguing the NEX Miradante deck type, it is viewed as a safer alternative to it. However, it is a much more passive and may have trouble against anti-cost tramples, and is not good against ramps and heavy discard decks.

It exists in 2 types, Light Water Darkness and Light Water. The Light Water Darkness variant is more closer to a spell control beatdown that has discards and removal seen in control decks, with a Miradante Twelve Miracle Stop combo lockdown as a finisher, while the Light Water variant can be considered a successor to Mono-Light Heaven's Gate and actually uses Heaven's Gate in its build, combined with other blockers such as Wisdompheus, Miracle Star, Bonsoir, Neoend and sometimes Kaiserbarra and Baradios, aiming to freeze out the opponent's defenses and go for an all out attack with huge amounts of blocker dragons as well as Miradante Twelve. Both of them serve as a daunting task to deal with by Rush decks due to the generally huge amounts of shield triggers in them.

Additionally while not seen in the Japanese metagame, it can be tailored to a Quasi-Mono light dragon build.

However, due to the increase of cheap lockdowns such as Rafululu, Shortshot, Oriotis and Yadoc, its usage has somewhat decreased.

Due to March 2018's Hall of Fame update, Heaven's Rosia has been restricted, greatly crippling the deck's concept. However, it still remained and was now more similar to an actual Light Water Darkness Control deck instead of a control beatdown, in which it uses multiple control tools such as Kiradon and Hyperspatial Revive Hole along with light Dragons such as Miracle Star, Time Caster and Kirazeus Savark then Revolution Change for a quick finish.

Exactly one year later, Miradante Twelve, Time Pope was also restricted, making the deck concept far too unreliable to exist in the top metagame.

Main cards

Recommended cards: Reason:
Miradante Twelve, Time Pope Core finisher. Can stop most shield triggers along with Neverlast, Destiny Adoration.
Heaven's Rosia, True Dragon Edge Hall of Fame. Bring out strong Draghearts, mainly Reddull, Dragon Soul Castle for Revolution Change.
Dragon's Sign Shield trigger to bring out Heaven's Rosia quicker.

Creature candidates

Recommended cards: Reason:
Kirazeus Savark Card removal, grants removal resistance, synergy with Dragon's Sign, possible replacement for Heaven's Rosia.
Miracle Star, Time Caster Revolution change card with mass spell recovery and blocker which allows it to be spammed by Heaven's Heaven, Heavenly Justice. Also anti-discard.
Kernel, Blue Stagnation Dragon Elemental Shield trigger stalling blocker.
Rafululu, Sound Faerie
Sido, Time 3
Anti spell meta.
Sadoniaras, Instant Guard Dragon Elemental Light Dragon with Strike Back.
Emeralda, Pitch Dragon Elemental Blocker, Dragon that costs 5, shield manipulation.
Puchohenza, Mia Moja Revolution Change, mass removal, tap in.
Katsuking Jr, Kung Fu Generation Revolution Change, shield advantage.

Blocker candidates

Recommended cards: Reason:
Baradios, Lord of Dragon Spirits Very oppressive finisher that freezes the opponent's creatures. Can be spammed by Heaven's Heaven.
La Rose Blouet, Blue Flower Dragon Elemental Shield addition and unchoosable blocker.
Kaiserbarra, War Dragon Elemental Spams Dragons and Extra Heaven's Rosia.
Miracle Miradante Revolution 0 Trigger defense that cripples command decks without Magnum, Shortshot or discard.
Seal Do Leiy, Protection Hero Mana Arms 7 Removal.
Ultra Star, Revolution Holy Dragon Hand replenish and gives light creatures shield trigger. Also clutch shield addition.
Oriotis, Control Wings Anti Cost Trample.
Bonsoir, Dragon Elemental Admiral Anti Discard.
Wisdompheus, Dragonic Spirit Search for spells and cast sparks for draw and removal.
Neoend, New Destiny King Heavyweight blocker that can give your creatures removal resistance.

Spells and D2 Fields

Recommended cards: Reason:
Final Stop
Miracle Stop
Anti spell meta.
Aquan Jr.'s Delivery Strong hand replenishment.
Rainbow Spark Stops small swarms and possible draw.
Super Eternal Spark Deals with Oriotis, Control Wings, Magnum, Allshot Puppet and other cost trampling metas that can wreck the deck type.
Miraculous Snare Cheap, efficient removal.
Jail House Lock, Jail of D Conditional strong mass removal.
Memento Guardian Shrine, Prison Court of D Shield trigger D2 field that surprise taps your opponent's creatures and makes Neverlast, Destiny Adoration easier to dragsolution.

Dragheart candidates

Recommended cards: Reason:
Endless Heaven, True Holy Church Strong combo with Heaven's Rosia.
Heaven's Heaven, Heavenly Justice Blocker spam. Memento Guardian Shrine, Prison Court of D can dragsolution it easily.
Reddull, Dragon Soul Castle Give speed attacker to Heaven's Rosia for Revolution Change.
Whitey, Dragon Soul Church Freeze an opponent's creature.
Joan Mizell, Revolution Spear
D'Arc-en-Ciel, Holy Spear Dragon Elemental
Increase the amount of defense.
Zodiac, Floating Hymn Allows Miradante Twelve, Time Pope to get around Puchohenza, Mia Moja.
Javeleon, Beast Lance Grants Un-keyworded Escape to your creatures, if flipped to the creature side can prevent you from losing the game.
Batorai Edge, Blazing Sword Synergy with the deck's Dragon spam.

Darkness additions (Dromar Mirdante)

Recommended cards: Reason:
Jenny, the Dismantling Puppet Certain discard.
Upheaval Hall of Fame pseudo mana burn.
ZERO Hand Cost trample punish.
Team Tech's Wave Go! Strong removal, can deal with Dokindam X by itself.
Demon's Light Draw and possible removal.
Brain Touch Draw and discard.
School Man
Dupoiz, Darma
Early removal, gets around Onikamas.
Demon Wolf, Betrayal Moonlight Castle Hall of Fame. powerful discard if many multicolored cards are adapted.
The Grave of Angels and Demons Powerful removal and mana burn.

Nature additions (Treva Mirdante)

Recommended cards: Reason:
Faerie Life Early Mana Acceleration.
Sarutobi Giant, Dolge Ninja Strike draw, Mana Acceleration, allows Madness.
Girls Journey Shield trigger draw.
Metal Avenger Solid, Dragon Edge
Metal Avenger Revenge, Nu Dragon Edge
Additional finishers, Metal Avenger Revenge can act as Revolution Change bait.
Father Earth Shield trigger removal.
Miraculous Truce Shield trigger stall, anti-mono meta.
Ruins of the Lion King Powerful Mana Acceleration if many multicolored cards are adopted.
Trap Giant Shield trigger removal.
Evidence, Truth Gun
Evidegoras, Dragon Sonic Aircraft Carrier
Draghearts to be brought by the Metal Avengers.

Compatible decks

Cylinder Miradante

NEX Miradante

How to Play

  1. The first 2 turns don't play anything, but the sheer amount of shield triggers the player has will deter any rash offensive plays to be performed by the opponent.
  2. Turn 3 replenish hand with Aquan Jr.'s Delivery, Turn 4 replenish hand with Rainbow Spark or Demon's Light depending on build. The player can also discard the opponent with Demon Wolf, Betrayal Moonlight Castle or Jenny, the Dismantling Puppet or cast The Grave of Angels and Demons to burn the opponent's mana.
  3. Turn 5 cast Dragon's Sign to send out Heaven's Rosia, True Dragon Edge and send out Reddull, Dragon Soul Castle, cast Miracle Stop using Gravity Zero, then revolution change into Miradante Twelve, Time Pope and break the opponent's shields. Cast another Dragon's sign with the Miradante and either use Miracle Star, Time Caster to recycle spells or Heaven's Rosia, True Dragon Edge to send out a Heaven's Heaven, Heavenly Justice for creature spam or Endless Heaven, True Holy Church for an extra beatstick.
  4. Opponent is usually locked at this point and attack once more with a Miradante Twelve combined with a Gravity Zero Miracle Stop to win.

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