Romanov Reborn
ロマノフリボーン (Romanofu Ribōn)

Romanov Reborn is a combo reanimate deck type.


It is reminiscent of older Romanov Sign decks.

It focuses on casting Miracle Re Born multiple times with the ability of Zero Romanov, Darkness GUY in order to spam Hunters in the battle zone.

Due to Cyber N World and other cards that send the cards from the opponent's graveyard back into their deck, this deck type was not predominant and less successful.

Recommended cards

Recommended cards: Reason
Zero Romanov, Darkness GUY Used to cast Miracle Re Born.
Miracle Re Born
Inferno Sign
Rousseau Montes / Monte Scale Sign
Revives Hunters.


Recommended cards: Reason
Primal Scream
Obuza 08, Demon Dragon Armored / Beginning of the End
Honenbe, Skeletal Guardian
Graveyard supply.
Death Gate, Gate of Hell Further reanimation.
Yabasgil Wrap Removal or reanimation.
Bone Dance Charger Mana Acceleration and graveyard supply.
Necrodragon Guljeneraid Synergy with Zero Romanov.
Dragon Bone, Secret Wicked Dragon Synergy with Zombie Dragon Hunters.
Hyperspatial Revive Hole Creature recycle + gets out Volg Thunder.
Hyperspatial Emperor Hole Weenie removal + gets out Volg Thunder or Black Ganveet.
Hyperspatial Raiden Hole Can take advantage of Volg Thunder.
Thunder Blade, Wolf Tiger Certain removal.
Liger Blade, Fierce Tiger Mass removal.
Necrodragon Devolution Creature and hand removal.
Necrodragon Danchigai Fankigai Gachinko Judge reanimation.
Kitarou, the Cursed Corpse Hand removal.


Recommended cards: Reason
Galaxy Falcon, Counterattack Fortress
Super Go On Pippi
Mykee's Pliers
Gives Zero Romanov speed attacker.
Bolshack Superhero Weenie removal.
Fighting Spirit! Sword Flash Dragon Beatstick.
Gaial Zero
Come On Pippi
Raging Apache Lizard
Get psychic creatures out.
Ogre Kaiser "Destruction" Psychic creature removal.
Moel Go, Explosive Oni Princess Hunter search.
Moel, Rider Ogre Hunter search.


Recommended cards: Reason
Dandy Eggplant
Colorful Dance
Graveyard supply.
Jasmine, Mist Faerie
Faerie Life
Turn 2 mana accel.
Father Earth Early removal.
Great Hercules, Giant Insect Hunter spam.
Dragonfriend Kachua Makes Zero Romanov speed attacker.


Recommended cards: Reason
Emergency Typhoon
Deepsea Typhoon
Brain Typhoon
Scramble Typhoon
Draw and discard.
Aqua Naruto Surfer Bounce.
Insight Indigo Kaiser Limits the opponent.


Recommended cards: Reason
Atsuto, Duel Hero Strategist Draw and discard.
Jealousy Bell Hand control and graveyard supply.
Persistent Prison of Gaia Bounce, discard and possible shield burn.
Funk Clap Rhapsody of Hope Hunter support.
Oninaguri, Infinite Fist Beatstick finisher.
Hyperspatial Gotsusan Hole Can aid Gaial Kaiser beatdown.
Hyperspatial Shachihoko Hole Psychic Alien support.

Psychic creatures

Recommended cards: Reason
Volg Thunder Hunter that supplies your graveyard.
Thunder Tiger Weenie removal + awakens Volg Tiger.
Gaial Kaiser, the Victorious Untapped weenie removal.
Intense World! Shachihoko Kaiser Reanimate weenies.
Deepsea Yanus, Temporal Warpanther Give speed attacker to one of your creatures once awakened.
Cheval, Temporal Demon Spirit Synergy with Hyperspatial Raiden Hole.
Silver Volg Same as above.
Black Ganveet, Temporal Soldier Classic removal.
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