Hadou Rokuro
Civilization(s) LightLight
Affiliation Rare Killers
Voice Actor 木島 隆一
Ryūichi Kijima
Signature Card(s) Heavy Pop, D2P

Rokuro is a member of the Rare Killers and one of the antagonists of the Versus Revolution Final season of the anime.


A skinny man who dresses like a death metal bandman. He is known as the "Emperor of Death Metal Kaiser", but actually likes tending flowers.

As he loves peace over war, his strategy involves defeating opponents without attacking (Alternate Wins).


After Basara swears revenge against Lucifer and Katta Kirifuda, Number 2 dispatches Rokuro to tackle them.

On one occasion, he accidentally bumped onto one of the members of Haraguro X, Erika. As she was hurt due to the collision, he carries her to her destination. However, this sparks a misunderstanding as it was posted on the internet, which was later resolved by Erika when she explains the truth. After his duel against Bucyake, he deemed Bucyake's cards not worth getting, which later makes the Revolutionary team cautious about the Rare Killers and the D2 Field cards.

Later on in the semifinals of the thanksgiving race to determine who can replace Katta as the main character, he and Domyoji-Gonzaburo and Katta and Leo were the final 4 and dueled in a Battle Royale duel. He was eliminated by Leo's Puchohenza, Mia Moja.

After Utsubomi Kazura's defeat, Rokuro is the last person to leave the rare killers base in fear of a doomsday. Before he leaves, he warns that Basara is no longer human.

After Basara's final defeat and release from Dormageddon X, Forbidden Armageddon's possession, he was a member of Basara's racing crew along with Ijiwaru Kiyomori, Hakase and Rambo.


Like the rest of the Rare Killers, he uses cards from the Initials race. He first demonstrates the D2 Field. He uses a mono Light Civilization deck.

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