Robo Shobu
Robo Shobu.png

Robo Shobu was first introduced in the Duel Masters Charge season of the Duel Masters Anime.


It is created by Dr. Root. Its behavior, dueling skills, deck and even its construction all match Shobu. Dr. Root first tested this robot on a beach against other duelists and it was perfectly successful. Then Dr. Root built similar other robots as well who matches Shobu's best friends.

After Mimi, Hakuoh and George got back there finals passes for Duel Masters Battle Arena. Dr. Root told them that have been working very hard on training all the time and that they all can come to the beach and relax. But when they all lined up outside they were all dropped down underground and they all faced these robots.

Shobu had to duel his own personality robot but not with his own deck he had to duel with Hakuoh's deck instead. The first time Shobu dueled with the robot he failed and lost the duel but then the second he dueled again and this time he won and the robot lost.


It uses a Fire and Nature Civilization deck.

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